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It is highly impossible to drive in the low vision conditions without the headlight bulbs. In that case, Tacoma headlights are accessible to the... Give Your Toyota Tacoma Headlights A New Look

It is highly impossible to drive in the low vision conditions without the headlight bulbs. In that case, Tacoma headlights are accessible to the people at the best price. Toyota Tacoma has got a huge collection of LED headlights, tail lights, HID headlights and interior lights as well. Tacoma headlights definitely improve the appearance of the vehicles and we deliver outstanding quality materials for the passenger’s safety. Toyota Tacoma headlights are built to stand out in the worst road conditions and these are available right from the top trusted brands. Choose the best selection of the headlight bulbs, Tacoma headlights with the trending technology which gives the clear lighting glow for your vehicle.

Why Tacoma?

tacoma headlightThe new generation of the Tacoma headlights has come up with the awesome designs and features compared to the previous generation models. One of the best changes made by the Toyota is that it is equipped with the projector style low beam headlamps. This projector-style headlight bulb has got various lenses configuration and a projector as well with the controlled beam pattern. With the incredible reviews experience the real from the customers and the Tacoma headlights are back with the great user experience.

Halogen Bulbs

Halogen headlight bulbsHalogen bulbs are the type of incandescent lamp and it uses the halogen gas for increasing the rated life as well as light output. Halogen bulbs are well known for the quality of light, moderately high efficiency, and high rated life which measures regular incandescent lamps. These bulbs take 20 to 30% less energy when compared to the incandescent light bulbs. Halogen bulbs are the energy saving bulbs that are available on the market. Halogen bulbs are best for the people who look for the cheapest price. These Halogen bulbs are available at the cheapest price and it is one of the energy saving light bulbs that you can buy at £1. Halogen bulbs are designed with the various classic bulb shapes and these are one kind of spotlight bulbs.

Why Halogen Bulbs as Tacoma Headlights?

  • Halogen bulbs are energy saving bulbs available at the cheapest price.
  • By using the dimmer switch, the halogen bulbs are dimmed.
  • The Halogen bulbs are very near to the direct replacement for the incandescent which you can get.
  • These bulbs give the similar warm light and they will be available similar wattages.

LED Bulbs

LED headlight bulbsLED (Light Emitting Diode) is one of the best lighting product and it gives excellent lighting. These LED lights produce 90% more power than the incandescent bulbs. The products of the Light Emitting Diode are very different than the other light sources. The LED’s are majorly do not fail or burn out. Light Emitting Diode bulbs give longer lasting power when compared to halogen, incandescent. And these are more energy efficient and gives the full brightness instantly. The best benefit of the LED bulbs is that saves money. LED bulbs are alternative to the incandescent bulbs. Light Emitting Diode uses semiconductor device and it emits the visible light. These LED headlight bulbs are available in various colors like red, amber, blue and green. Different color LED’s are combined with phosphor to produce white light.

Benefits of LED bulbs

  • Light Emitting Diodes are much cooler than the incandescent headlight bulbs.
  • LED bulbs have the wide variety of the color variations.
  • These are customizable and controllable with the Bluetooth connection.
  • LED’s are low-cost effective than Halogen headlight bulbs.
  • It is free from mercury, toxic materials etc.
  • Light Emitting Diodes has data transfer possibility with the Life technology.
  • Requires low power compared to the other bulbs.

Halogen Bulbs Vs LED Bulbs

To choose the best headlight bulbs, here we consider all the prospects which are more cost-effective than compared to the halogen and LED bulbs. And from the comparison, you will come to know that LED headlight bulbs have got more advantages than compared to Halogen bulbs.

Halogen Bulbs LED Bulbs
Halogen bulb consumes 50 watts of power. LED bulbs consume 5watts of energy.
These are sensitive to the skin oils Light Emitting Diodes are shock resistant and has a filament wire.


Lasts nearly for 3,600 hours, but not efficient than LED or Compact Fluorescent lamps. LED approximately lasts for 50,000 hours which are more efficient than the Halogen bulbs.


They produce a certain amount of infrared radiation and ultraviolet radiations which damages the fabrics and artworks. Unless an LED is IR, UV it produces less UV and IR radiations.


The lifetime for halogen bulbs is 15,000 hours. Coming to LED’s the lifetime is 25,000 hours.


It requires the hot temperature to produce the light, and they do not function well in the cool temperature conditions. Operates at low temperatures and runs cooler than the halogen and incandescent bulbs.
Compared to the Light Emitting Diodes, these are less in brightness. LED headlight bulbs are brighter when compared to the Halogen bulbs.


Halogen bulbs are cheaper. And the LED bulbs are costlier than Halogen.
Available to the people of various sizes. These are small in size with multiple shapes.
Halogens are easy to replace. LED are sharper and easy to replace as well.



Upgrade to LED Headlight Bulbs from Halogen Bulbs?

tacoma headlightsMost of the people are running their vehicles with the halogen bulbs from the past decades. And now its time has come for you to upgrade to the LED headlight bulbs. LED is the most trending and advanced technology in the lighting industry and has gained the popularity because of its benefits such as endurance, high illumination quality, long lifetime. Even though they are used in electronics for many years, but right now they became popular by delivering good brightness compared to the halogen bulbs.

Energy Efficient

LED utilizes less electricity than halogens, incandescent, and fluorescent headlight bulbs and results in low-cost savings. The lighting capacity reduces the unwanted energy and light.

Lifetime Extension

Like incandescent bulbs, LED headlight bulbs do not fail or dim. And the lifespan of LED lasts for 50, 000 hours, in the fiscal situations, it reduces the replacing cost and maintenance cost as well.


Regular halogen bulbs require some effort to make them dimmer, but the LED headlight bulbs are controllable and compatible. Now its time to travel with the Tacoma LED headlight bulbs rather than the halogen bulbs. Experience the best from the best-recommended Auxbeam products like T1 series LED headlight bulbs which has a unique specification–temperature control, help you save the money for replacing other headlight bulbs in a year or two. Check Auxbeam for more other LED headlight bulbs, or you can read on to know more lighting and modification recommended blogs.

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