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It is generally believed that LED light pattern is fixed. Fog lights can be just installed to improve the visibility in rainy or stormy... Good News! Auxbeam Lighting Have NEW Tricks

It is generally believed that LED light pattern is fixed. Fog lights can be just installed to improve the visibility in rainy or stormy days for drivers. Daytime driving lights can only make the vehicles to be seen. However, Auxbeam lighting wants to do some new tricks to innovate the Light pattern—LED as Lego Bricks. But what does it mean LED as Lego bricks? In fact, the Cree 2″ 10W square driving light can make it.


LED driving light

The single unit Cree 2″ 10W square driving light is a compact and powerful stand-alone LED light, which can be used as the general way as a driving light. Due to its small size, it can be mounted in a car or a motorcycle. However, this LED light is a modular and splicing off-road LED light, which can be expanded as needed. It can easily be spliced together by Duals or Arrays, which can be made as a stand-alone light bar. Sounds really like piling up Lego, right?



LED driving light

This LED light measures only 2inch long and 2.5inch high, yet provides 1000 lumens of intense light output. With only 10W, it can operate from 9V to 32V with brilliant white light, depending on your vehicles’ voltage and the numbers of the LED you want to mount. The housing is high-grade aluminum with tough glass cover and the mounting bracket is die-cast aluminum for high durability and an unbreakable for damage. It also has a high impact toughed glass surface and precision tuned reflector optics, which guarantees high light transmission. With its high quality workmanship, it is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, which means it can still work normally under rain, storm or other bad weather conditions. Though the LED has just 1pcs CREE LED, but it still provides up to 30,000hours operating hours. If you want to splice some of these LED lights together as a light bar, you don’t need to change the broken light bar for only one bead broken, you can just change one light in this case.




LED driving light

This light bar can be wild used as motorcycle LEDs, off road Jeep, motocross LEDs,  Jeep LEDs, Truck, SUV LEDs andUTV/ATV LED lighting. You can enjoy the  installation as play Lego when you mount several these LED in your vehicles. Pretty  cool LED light. It is a brand new model and only Auxbeam have it .Knowing all  about it without the website address?    https://www.auxbeam.com/blog/2-4.9-inch-driving-light/77718844   Buy some and you will never regret.




LED driving light


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