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Introduction to Harley Davidson Harley Davidson is an American based motorcycle company which is well known for more than a century for its figurative... Have a New Look with The Harley Accessories

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Introduction to Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson is an American based motorcycle company which is well known for more than a century for its figurative work in the manufacturing of the motorbikes and the Harley accessories. It was founded back in 1903 by William Harley and his two brothers, Arthur and Walter Davidson at a place called Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA. The company manufactures traditional cruiser motorcycles making use of air-cooled V-Twin engines. They sold their first motorcycle in 1903 making them among the first motorcycle brands across the country. Its products and operations are majorly based on American culture. The automotive company was registered in 1907, and it settled in Milwaukee. The company had its milestone during the First World War because they supplied the American Military with motorcycles. As a way to attract customers into buying their motorcycles, they launched a variety of bicycles from 1917 to 1921 in Ohio when Davis Company stopped manufacturing bicycles. At this time, Harley-Davidson was the largest motorcycle manufacturing company in the world.

Harley Accessories

harley accessoriesAs Jeep Wrangler, Harley Davidson is really popular and people love to do different modifications on the Harley. Many different Harley accessories can help you upgrade the performance and also the appearance of your Harley. On the market, they are mainly Harley led headlights, brakes, and suspension, foot controls, exhaust, handlebars and controls, instruments and gauges, mirrors, seats, and backrests as well as maintenance on hot sale and are easily modified for your Harley. Some special Harley accessories will be mentioned in detail below.


Brakes are an excellent brand of brakes due to their high efficiency. It is strongly advised that you purchase Harley Davidson brakes for replacing the old damaged brakes. In the motorcycle community, there has been a notion that all brakes are equal. However, this is not the case since Harley Davidson brakes have tested and approved meeting all the requirements ensuring the customers are safe on the roads. It is recommended that anyone with a Harley Davidson bike to fix these brakes for compatibility as well as ensuring maximum performance. For the sake of optimum performance at all conditions, the brakes have been tested against various road hazards such as oily roads. They work very well at wet and dry conditions. The table below shows a comparison between the Harley Davidson brakes and standard brakes.

Harley Davidson Brakes Standard Brakes
They are long lasting They are not durable
They work well in all conditions Their working ability is dependent on the conditions
They have a compatible anti-lock system They do not have a compatible anti-lock system


These brakes are designed specifically for Harley Davidson bike models. Also, they match with the braking system of each bike model. They are unique since they are the only brake pads that can maintain the original specifications even after a long period of use.


Exhausts are an integral part in a motorcycle since they enhance the sound as well as airing the system. These exhausts give various outlooks such as sleek designs, classic good looks as well as innovative sounds. They also improve the performance of the motorcycles because they emit the wastes from engines.

Seats and Backrests

Unlike a vehicle, motorbikes do not have support on the back, so once a seat is installed, it must do all the work. Not only are they fancy, but the Harley Davidson seats and backrests are also comfortable. These seats are made in such a way that they fit the type of bike being customized. Some seats include both passenger and rider. They have unique qualities such as reduction of pressure points, shock absorption and reduction of vibration with an integrated air pump.

Handlebars and Controls

Harley Davidson handlebars can be used to style the bike as well as improving the comfort.

Harley LED Headlights

harley led headlightHeadlights are one of the most important Harley accessories. Some may still use the old style halogen or Xenon headlights for Harley; while Harley LED headlights are designed in various ways to suit the customers’ desire. There a variety of Harley LED headlights in the market. They are made of light emitting diodes (LED). Reasons for equipping Harley LED Lights (Headlight, Turn Signal, Taillights), is because many motorbikes users remain with low-quality headlights despite newly improved lights being introduced in the market. Most motorbike manufacturers use Xenon and others halogen headlights whereas Harley Davidson motorbikes use light emitting diodes (LED) for their lighting. The table below shows a comparison of Harley LED headlights and the Halogen and xenon headlights.

Harley LED Headlights Halogen, Xenon Headlights
They are ultra-bright They are comparatively less bright
They are long lasting (about 15000 hours) They are not durable(Halogen lights last for about 1000 hours)
They draw less power They use a lot of power
They are much cooler They produce more heat
They produce more heat than LED Smaller in size; can be made
into thinner varied shapes
They cannot be made into thinner shapes hence are rarely used
for motorcycles


Since they use the Harley LED headlights, Harley headlights are shaped in a way that they can be used for the turn signal, headlight, and tail lights. This is also because they are brighter and consume less power. They also cover a wider area, therefore, giving the rider a more comprehensive coverage area. The various types of these lights include:

I. Auxbeam 5.75” 45W Hi-Lo Beam Harley LED Headlights

II. Harley Daymaker Projector LED Headlights

III. 7” Motorcycle Daymaker Headlight Housing Chrome for Harley

Auxbeam 5.75” 45W Hi-Lo Beam Harley LED Headlights

harley led headlightThis headlight is exquisite since it is fancy when off and even more attractive when turned on. It has an integrated optic system including Euro-inspired 4D projector lens with the D-shape lens.  The low beam provides a wide pool of general lighting and remains illuminated all the time. The high beam pattern-add focused light from the lower section to add punch down the middle of the road. These Harley LED headlights make it even more elegant and have a feature which lacks in other headlights. Also, the Harley led headlights are made in the solid-state component which can withstand driving vibration & shock with ease.

Harley Daymaker Projector LED Headlights

They are also known as “cut through the night Harley-Davidson Daymaker” because of their brighter and whiter color. They also provide a unique light pattern compared to other standard incandescent lamps. It gives a natural daylight color impression to the user compared to the yellow light of a traditional halogen bulb.

7” Motorcycle Daymaker Headlight Housing Chrome for Harley

It is with no doubt that the Harley LED headlights are the best for use due to their brightness, low power consumption, appearance as well as their durability. This Harley led headlights housing can fit most Harley Davidson with 7” diameter headlights It greatly enhances and upgrades your vehicle’s appearance Harley accessories are the best for both personal and commercial use. I would advise a buyer to go for these Harley accessories for their durability and efficiency.

If you are interested in vehicle modifications, you can read on to know more. Also, you can check our blog time and again, we have posted different blogs on vehicle modifications and products recommendations.

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