LED headlightsFaulty or broken headlight bulbs would definitely have to be replaced. Not only is it dangerous to be on the road without lights, but it also counts as a traffic violation. On the other hand, vehicles with dim lights may have trouble traveling at night. And it can be uncomfortable for the driver as well as very dangerous.

There are several types of headlight bulbs. But first, you would have to know the different specifications that you would need to consider. Not all LED headlights are one size fits all, for example, so you would need to have a basic knowledge of what type of headlight bulbs your car would need. Of course, your own personal preferences would play a part, too. Factors such as lumens, alignment, ECE or SAE regulations, and reflectors or projectors are just some of the terms that you may encounter when purchasing headlight bulbs, but mostly the choice of which type of bulbs to buy will fall into these three main categories:

Headlight Bulbs Comparison

Type Year Introduction Pros Cons
Halogen The 1960s Very common with multiple varieties very cheap Short life (1,000 hours) very sensitive even to the touch due to chemicals used
HID/Xenon The 1990s Better visibility Uses less power at normal operating temperature Not eco-friendly may not be legal in certain states due to glare
LED The mid-2000s Very low power requirements can last 10,000 to 15,000 hours before burning out More expensive requires cooling systems as LED emitters heat up faster than regular bulbs


Laser The Mid-2010s Best quality light within a very small package comes in very modern and elegant designs Very expensive; not available for all vehicles Cannot be used for both high and low beams



Out of all the above choices, the best that you can get are LED headlights. While a bit more expensive, LED headlights ranks top among other headlight bulbs when it comes to longevity and cost. A single LED headlight can last for the entire lifetime of your vehicle. So replacing your car’s stock headlights with LED headlights can be a really wise investment. There are many types of headlights with LED that you can purchase. While still quite expensive as compared to other models, LED headlights are fast becoming much more common and, based on the principle of economies of scale, these would become much cheaper to acquire in the near future.

Of course, whatever you do, get LED headlights from a reputable supplier as faulty ones or those that have not gone through testing may pose as an electrical or fire hazard. Only go for LED headlights, or any type of headlight bulbs, for that matter, from trusted manufacturers and authorized sellers. Invest in good headlights and you will be assured of a safe and comfortable ride even under the poorest of light conditions on the road. If you are interested in LED lighting or vehicle modifications, please read on to know more.