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Headlight bulbs become the essential parts of vehicle equipment. Over the years, they have developed into the halogen, high-intensity discharge and led headlights available today.... HID vs LED–Are LED Headlights really better than HID?

Headlight bulbs become the essential parts of vehicle equipment. Over the years, they have developed into the halogen, high-intensity discharge and led headlights available today. However, why to upgrade HID headlights or halogen headlight bulbs into LED ones? Check the comparison hid vs led to know more about them.

How Headlights Develop into LED Headlights

hid vs led--evolutionIn the early 1980s, headlights were oil burning lamps that make use of acetylene as a fuel. In 1927, Ford motor company adjusted the foot dimmer switch with light up and down. The first dual filament bulb for low and high beams was the bilux bulb. The sealed beam headlight unit was made in 1940, and this was used extensively across the world with every country adopting its unique size. In 1962, the halogen bulbs were introduced in Europe, but it was allowed in the United States in 1978 due to the regulations that were in place. However, these types of vehicle lights are widely used today and the most efficient light source until the HID lamp was introduced.

The next development was HID which stands for high-intensity discharge. These began to appear at the top end models of some German vehicles in early 1991. Also, this seems to be an expensive option and have not yet been embraced fully by the automotive manufacturers. This brings us to the LED that has taken off at low pace but seems to more popular. It is forayed into headlamps, and the brake lights, tail lamps, and indicators seem to be reliable.


These two types of bulbs, HID and LED headlight bulbs have become the latest assets thanks to their advanced technology and unique performance in comparison to the older halogen bulbs.

hid vs ledLED headlight bulbs light up faster than HID bulbs. From the time that you switch it on, it emits the required strong light. With HID incandescent bulbs, it may take few seconds before the bulb gives it full luminescence. Also, the LED headlights don’t burn out easily compare to HID ones. It can take years before the LED headlight bulbs gives out, so you don’t need to buy extra bubs in case the bulbs get busted just like the HID bulbs. With LED bulbs, you can be sure that the bulbs won’t run out on you.

Unlike HID, there are      LED headlights that are waterproof. This makes it ideal for sailing and camping trips because you don’t need to worry about the batteries or the bulbs getting busted when it is wet. The best LED headlight bulbs are also made with withstand shock. So, when you drop the bulb, you don’t have to worry about the bulb breaking and plunging you to darkness. Most of the best LED headlight bulbs are compact bulbs that give off bright light.

But if both bulbs are useful then which should help you choose? Let’s look at them both in more detail:

High-intensity discharge/HID Headlight Bulbs

These are also referred to as xenon headlights or high-intensity charge bulbs. The HID bulbs can produce more light when compared with the heating up of tungsten element to create light. However, you can expect about 3000 lumens covering an area of about 90 square meters, different from 1400 lumens and 30 square meters from the older version of halogen bulbs.

However, more light help to increase safety since you can see further ahead when driving in bad weather or at night and you will benefit from the ability of other motorists to see you quickly on the twisty highway.

There are some drawbacks of HID lights. They are expensive compared to other types of light; because they are not “bulb-shaped,” it is difficult to fit them into older vehicles. If you have experienced any HID-equipped vehicle at night, you can confirm that they are so bright that you can be blind temporarily. As a result of this, it is not ideal for night time drivers. You may pay a considerable amount of money for HID bulb, so they are not a cheap option. But they are safe and will last for a long time. Also, it will help you to save money on fuel.

Light-emitting Diode/ LED Headlight Bulbs

The best LED headlights in the market may be expensive compared to other bulbs, but they really worth the extra money when it comes to the durability and brightness of the LED vehicle bulbs.

LEDs are electrical conductors that emit light when switched on. They are a simple electrical circuit that is either on or off, and do not require additional heating up. LED headlights have few components and suitable for the vehicle because they can handle any vibration and bumps that might happen on rough road surfaces. Also, LED headlight bulbs consume less power compared to HID lights and last longer. Some reports indicate that they can last for about 35,000 hours or more. Another advantage of LED headlight bulbs is their ability to emit different colors such as yellow, white, purple, green, infrared, ultraviolet light, orange, blue and yellow. This will help you to trick out your ride with various color schemes. LED headlights are in pretty low price, and it cost about 30 to 50 dollars for each unit. So they are not too expensive for budget-conscious buyers.

How to Choose the Headlight Bulbs

So HID vs LED, which one would you want to choose? Presently, LED headlights have become stunning additions to vehicles. It is unusual for vehicles producers and consumers not to go for LED headlights when they look at its luxury benefits. Firstly, they are stunningly attractive. Secondly, they are long lasting and reliable. However, one of the reasons why consumers go for LEDs is that they consume about 65-75 percent less power compared to the HID lights. This factor played a crucial role in contributing to the fame of LEDs.

After installing the LED headlights, consumers noticed the difference when they compared them with the HID lights. They have pure white LED headlight bulbs, and they have a good cleaner view. However, these lights are attractive, bright, durable and reliable.


What else does a buyer want? Of course, a buyer will prefer such overwhelming technology to fascinate the people he knows. So, if you want to choose the LED headlight bulbs for your vehicle, you can go and check on http://www.auxbeam.com. Different LED headlights in different style are available. Over 13 kinds of plug type available for your vehicle. New series such as T1 series and W series are on hot sale and Auxbeam would also leave a coupon here for you. Use GET10 when you choose the T1 series.

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