If you want to choose the correct LED light for your vehicle, you have to learn more about LED products. Many people think LED light bar has the same illumination effect with the LED driving light. But when you actually install these two kinds of LED lights, you will find out the significantly different features and functions between them.


Illumination effect

30 degree spot beam focuses light in one spot for seeing a long ways ahead without much flood and spill off to the sides. There is still light off to the sides but the majority of light intensity will be directed towards the point of focus.

60 degree flood beam is to see everything in your immediate zone of vision including peripheral zones on the edge of your focus. Provide perfectly even light quantity in every direction with no point of focus.

Combination beam as the name states combines the reflector of each style beam pattern. This is not available in light bars under 20 inch in length and is only an option on our LED light bars, not our LED driving lights unless a special request is made.