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If you want to choose the correct LED light for your vehicle, you have to learn more about LED products. Many people think LED... How to choose an LED light bar or driving light

If you want to choose the correct LED light for your vehicle, you have to learn more about LED products. Many people think LED light bar has the same illumination effect with the LED driving light. But when you actually install these two kinds of LED lights, you will find out the significantly different features and functions between them.


LED light bar & led driving

The first thing to decide is how are you going to be using your LED lights? Once you have the use in mind, you can begin making decisions. The first of that is to determine whether you need an LED light bar or LED driving lights.

LED driving lights are much smaller and more versatile than LED light bars. For example, they require only one mounting point as opposed to light bars which always requires two. LED driving lights are ideal if you want to able to rotate your lights to illuminate the specific direction, or if you need anything illuminated from a small round or cubic space especially it involves multiple viewing angles. LED light bars require longer spaces and only shine one way forwards, they also do not rotate on a horizontal plane like the LED driving lights do.


Beam pattern

Something else to consider is the amount of light emitting locations on a single light. More angles light will increase the visual perception and provide less shadow. Visual perception and shadowing are extremely important if you are going to be using these lights for serious work where safely is on the line, such as heavy equipment. You have to learn more about picking the perfect light for safety and efficiency if this blog is not informative enough for you.

Once you have determined whether you are going to choose the LED light bars or LED driving lights, the next step is to determine which lights will fit your vehicles. We have a series of exact measurement diagrams available for all of our lights, so that significantly reduces guess work and unsure decisions.

Now that you know which lights you need for your applications and have measured to check against the fitment, you can decide what kind of optical pattern you desire for your LED light bars and LED driving lights. An optic pattern describes the shape and size of the light beam emitted from the LED lights. Here, I listed the three kinds below.


Illumination effect


30 degree spot beam focuses light in one spot for seeing a long ways ahead without much flood and spill off to the sides. There is still light off to the sides but the majority of light intensity will be directed towards the point of focus.

60 degree flood beam is to see everything in your immediate zone of vision including peripheral zones on the edge of your focus. Provide perfectly even light quantity in every direction with no point of focus.

Combination beam as the name states combines the reflector of each style beam pattern. This is not available in light bars under 20 inch in length and is only an option on our LED light bars, not our LED driving lights unless a special request is made.

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