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Whether you only get out for some camping one time in a year, or you are a weekend warrior hitting the parks and the... How to Choose The Best Camping Lantern

camping lanternWhether you only get out for some camping one time in a year, or you are a weekend warrior hitting the parks and the backcountry all season long, you want to have the right camping accessories with you. Your camping accessories can widely vary depending on what kind of camping you like to do, especially the camping lantern If you are a backpacker then weight and size are important, and if you are a campground sitter you may want to have your site lit up well.

Your basics should cover a tent that will stay dry in all weather, a cook stove or firestarter and grill, a sharp utility knife and a hatchet and a dependable flashlight or camping lantern. After you add your food and a roaring campfire, the rest is all a bonus. Always be safe and make sure that your basic camping accessories are durably made and reliable. These are the most important aspects of camping that are keeping you alive.

Auxbeam used to focus on only vehicle lighting products, but now we will expand our product line and make different products in the different range. Auxbeam Camping Lanterns are built with portability and long-lasting power in mind for all types of campers. But, before we look at the high-quality range of our products, let’s take a look at how to choose the best camping lantern for your needs. You should always be thinking about your specific needs when you are camping depending on your location and camping style.

Different Types of the Camping Accessories

camping accessories--headlampCamping Headlamps

  • Keep your hands free when you are working around your site
  • Keep your footing and be able to view the ground in front of you
  • Can be adjusted for brightness and zoom to give you a focused path to follow or light up a wider area.
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Bands can adjust to all sizes
  • Multilevel brightness settings

camping accessories--flashlightCamping Flashlights

  • Great for getting in and out of your tent
  • Late night bathroom walks will be safe
  • More focused beam for smaller tasks
  • Small and convenient
  • Long lasting power

Camping LED Light Bar

  • The powerful light source that can be used as a safety signal
  • Different brightness settings
  • Long lasting LED bulbs
  • Convenient hanging hook for permanent placement

camping lanternCamping Lantern

  • Perfect to light small areas around your site like your picnic table area
  • Warm interior tent light
  • Brightness can be adjusted depending on the activity
  • Collapsible, foldable, lightweight
  • Long lasting power
  • Available for battery, solar, propane and electric power sources

Camping Spot Light

  • Backwoods camping necessity
  • Strong light mounted on a vehicle to light up a wide area around the site
  • Great for hunting and off-road camping
  • Bulbs are rated at over 30,000 hours
  • Swivel mounting can make your light directional

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Camping Lantern

Size & Weight

camping lanternYour camping style and the length of your trip will greatly affect your choice in camping lantern. For campground campers, you will likely want a more powerful light to brighten your entire site in the evenings when there is a lot of activity. For backpackers who are concerned more about weight and portability, a fold-down solar lantern is a plenty for an overnight trip. In most cases, the larger and heavier the lantern, the heavier weight you will be dealing with. So, when you are shopping for a lantern for your next camping trip, think about the type of light source you will need and buy accordingly. Many hikers and backpackers keep their weight down by having a small lantern along with bright headlight lamps for walking at night.

Power Source

The type and size of the power source for your camping lantern will affect the overall weight of the unit regardless of dimensions. Alkaline and lithium batteries tend to add the most amount of weight but are very convenient when you are backwoods camping with no source for recharging. Electric camping lanterns need to be charged more frequently but come in all shapes and sizes and are great for the inside the car or cabin. The classic propane lamp can light up your whole site in the evening but require a separate tank to change and live flame sections. Propane lanterns can also be used as a secondary heat source. The most recent addition is Solar Powered Lanterns while staying lightweight and portable they also require no other source than the sun. On average a full day solar charge will last you for 6-8 hours of camping lantern light.


The lumen (LM) indication on your light source is a basic measurement of brightness. With the full range being 40 LM – 2000 LM, the average need for camping accessories are between 150 LM – 300 LM. If you just need something for inside the tent you can go lower than something you need that is going to light up your site. The higher the lumen rating the brighter your light can be, but beware, the brighter the light the more energy required so your burn time will be shorter. Many camping lantern models come with multilevel settings so that you can choose your brightness for each situation. You can keep it on the full level when you are out around your site and turn it down low for reading in the tent. The lighter you need your lantern to be, the lower the lumen rating is likely to be.

Water Resistant

There are some sports camping accessories like lanterns and flashlights that have a water resistance rating of IPX-8 making them completely waterproof of up to 3m in submerged depth. For most campers, this is not a realistic requirement for the added expense. You do, however, want to find the best camping lantern for you that is made from water-resistant materials. Light rain, wind and snow resistance puts your lantern at an IPX-4 rating which should be sufficient for regular camping. Auxbeam outfits all of our camping accessories with a minimum of an IPX-4 rating to keep your equipment safe and dry. We know how important a tough light source is in any camping situation so our products are built to be durable and stay dry.

camping lanternVariety

The mountains and forests can get pretty dark at night. You will want to keep yourself and your campsite with a durable light source handy. From lighting up your site for a big Smores cookout to just giving yourself enough light to cook a quiet dinner and then get in your tent, there is the right camping light for you. All of Auxbeam camping lights and lanterns are designed to be tough and portable. There are a wide variety of light styles that can come in handy around the campfire.

Auxbeam Different Camping Lantern Comparison


Style Power Lumen Water Resistant Size

Burn Time

Solar Inflatable Camping Light
Lantern & USB Phone Charger
Lantern Solar 90LM Yes Less Than 5″ square. Under
5 hours on maximum setting
1.5″ Telescopic Flashlight
Small Camping Light
Flashlight AAA Battery 200LM Yes 1.5″ x 4″ 20 hours
2″ Rechargeable LED
Camping Light
Lantern Lithium Battery 300LM Yes 2″ x 2.8″ 6 hours
4” Cree Square Spot/Flood /Fog
Outdoor Lighting Vehicle Battery 1800LM Yes 5″ x 3.2″ 30,000 hours
800LM LED Zoomable Headlamp HeadLamp AAA Battery 800LM Yes Less Than 1 lb. 12 hours

You can choose the camping lantern that fit your camping trip the most. Auxbeam will offer you the best camping accessories that help you enjoy your trip. If you are interested in more Auxbeam products or vehicle modification parts, please read on to know more.

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