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Do you know that the word Jeep, its origin has proven bewildering? According to reliable sources like Wikipedia, the presumption is that earlier users... How to Choose The Hi Lift Jack Mount

Do you know that the word Jeep, its origin has proven bewildering? According to reliable sources like Wikipedia, the presumption is that earlier users change the name from government purpose to Jeep, it was introduced during World War II. We all love the Jeep and here at Auxbeam, we are going to show you the right way to treat it. The enthusiasm behind the Jeep should not be evanescent, one way to wangle long lifespan of your Jeep is by choosing the unerring Jeep accessories.one of the most critical Jeep accessories is the hi lift jack mount.

Types of Jeep Accessories?

As we said earlier, hi lift jack mount is very important for Jeep survival, but before we dig deep down on, how you can install hi lift bump on different positions, let’s look at other Jeep accessories briefly.

Some of the Jeep accessories for your off-road Jeep such as Jeep Wrangler includes; universal black side mounting brackets, hood mount brackets that come with three models screw for Jeep Wrangler, Cree dual row off road led work light with flood beam-54w, Cree flood and spot dual row off-road led light bar-23in126w, windshield 52’straight light bar brackets for Jeep Wrangler, off-road hi lift jack mount for Jeep Wrangler JK, Cree round spot, and flood beam off- road led driving light-7inch80w.we also have Hawse fairlead synthetic winch for 2007-106 Jeep Wrangler, universal 4 holes stainless steel black license plate frames. They are many and you can select one that necessitates your Jeep at Auxbeam. Jeeps are more related to 4×4 and more concentration is on its exterior accessories and design, they subdue inconvenience terrains, this brings hi lift jack mount into life, they are very important in Jeeps maintenance.

What is a Hi Lift Jack?

hi lift jack mount--hoodThis is one of the vital accessories for the Jeep.  Hi lift jack helps in lifting Jeep when it’s stuck and they use hydraulic techniques to move heavy loads up. They sheave you when your Jeep from unconditional terrains. Hi lift jack is always massive probably steel and cast iron, therefore, it is

advisable to have to get high-quality high lift jack mounts.

How to Use Hi Lift Jack

Well, this is a good question for off-road lovers, this because in the process of having a Jeep they will have to use it.

  • They are mainly used to lift a heavy load, especially where height matters, they can go high. Off-road lovers do take their enthusiasm in rocky or high mountain places.
  • They can be helpful in recovery, yes talk of Derrick and winch, they fulfill that work of overhaul in perfection and with speed. They are fast and can lift high feet.
  • You can use hi lift jack to ax Jeep from unconditional environment. If your Jeep is in a bad spot and it can’t maneuver using wheels, you can clamp it on the other end, then pull it will pull it out.
  • It has other marvelous, you can straighten a mishap rod with it.

Types of Hi Lift Jack Mount

Hi lift jack is so important that the hi lift jack mount is needed to ensure that the hi lift jack can be put on your Jeep securely. You will not need to worry that it will fall down while driving. There are different types of hi lift jack mount due to the installation location.

1. Hi Lift Jack Mount On The Hoodhi lift jack mount--driver side

It’s good for off-road lovers to use hi lift jack on the hood. They are mounted directly to existing hood hinge holes of your Jeep. One great aspect of hi lift jack hood is that they are easy to use and install, no need to drill holes. They are clean and look spectacular in your Jeep. They are mostly built with aluminum, this makes them more durable. On the other aspect, we see on the Jeep is that there’s minimal space available to accommodate lengthy loads. This is an innovation that is making maximum use of options available in the exterior design of your Jeep. The hood can manage 32-62 inches of hi lift jack mount.

2. Hi Lift Jack Mount On The Bumper

Off-road hi lift jack mount for Jeep Wrangler JK is stellar on the bumper. Usually, the bumpers a design to lodge hi lift jack mount. It is easy to install, all you will need to do is to mount it on your Jeeps wrangler using bolts, some have brackets or have piece for mounting it.

3. Hi Lift Jack Mount On The Side

Companies have gone high a notch high and come up with mounts which fits either on the left or right side of your Jeep. This is one great Jeep accessories for Jeep lovers. It is really cool to add the hi lift jack on the driver side of your Jeep. Add the rugged looking to your Jeep.

4. Hi Lift Jack Mount At The Rear

There are several factors that put in place when choosing mounting systems. The material has to be corrosion free. This is because off-road Jeep usually traverses through rocky areas. In the process, there are collision and rubbing of hi lift jack mount. We have off-road hi lift jack mount for Jeep Wrangler JK and Hi-lift jack mount spacer bracket kit for Jeep Wrangler that assures you the long lasting solution. They are made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel

How to Install the Hi Lift Jack Mount At The Rear

hi lift jack mount--rearThe installation process is easy and you don’t need to cram everything, all you need is to grasp the basic concept and get the right tools at Auxbeam.

First of all, you will need to have a high lift Tailgate mount. This will include parts like; mounting bracket, upper mounting plate, lower mounting plate, m8 bolt, m8 washer, 25mm spacer, m10 bolt, and m10 washer.

Remove the two bolts that are at the end near the rear mirror, wipe that area to ensure it’s clean. Then put the plastic pin first. We have two holes, so, you will be required to clinch the plastic and mount together using the upper hole. Ensure that the hinges are removed. We have the lock that is going clinch on the mount and high lift jack so that nobody steals your Jeep accessories. This lock is used in high lift padlock. But first, place the high lift jack and lock the screws. The high lift jack mount doesn’t tamper with door movement.


Jeep lovers are very enthusiastic to see the Jeep crash on rocky and mountainside. At times it becomes had for your Jeep to manage that is why at Auxbeam you will have the shot when you need Jeep accessories. On top of that, one future that goes with the Jeep is the terrain-both worse and good. If there is a need for help then, hi lift jack mounts come to play. They should be of high quality made from anodized aluminum and stainless steel.

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