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Introduction Are you finding it difficult to drive at night? Is your headlight bulbs burning out too fast? Choosing the perfect LED headlight bulbs... How to Choose the Perfect LED Headlight Bulbs


Are you finding it difficult to drive at night? Is your headlight bulbs burning out too fast? Choosing the perfect LED headlight bulbs for your car may appear simple but you have to make up your mind on what is important to you before purchasing one. Here is what to look out for when choosing LED headlight bulbs and why Audi headlights are the perfect choice for you.

The Audi Headlights

If you are not a car dealer or car parts dealer, you will probably not know that Audi makes headlights if you are not a car dealer or car parts dealer. Audi is not just a car brand; it will interest you to know that the four-ring brand is a pacesetter when it comes to led headlight bulbs technology. Ever since they introduced their LED headlights in 2008 on their R8 high- performance sports cars, they have been recognized as the leading manufacturers of high vision bulbs. A wide range of LED headlight bulbs can be upgraded as Audi headlights, such as The Auxbeam W series, The Auxbeam S series, The Auxbeam T1 and so many more. Using Audi LED headlights for your vehicle has vast advantages because of the reasons as follows.

High Vision

The Audi led headlight is the perfect choice for you if you are daytime and night vision s important to you. Only one square meter is size, the Audi headlights can produce lights at 5,500kelvin which is nearly the same as daylight. Road safety is guaranteed using Audi LED headlights because you will have more lights on the road making your drive enjoyable and safe. Audi High vision headlights enable you to see further and notice dangers easily. You can choose from a variety of Audi headlights if high vision is your priority when it comes to choosing the perfect LED headlight-bulbs for your car.

Lifespan and Quality

Many car owners will choose LED headlight bulbs that have a long life but are of top quality, Audi LED headlight is engineered to last longer; 3 times longer than any standard headlight. So, if you are thinking long life, think Audi headlights. These LED lights are made to last as long as the car itself and this is because it uses a no-gas discharge system found in other headlights. Audi combines long life and high quality in their bulbs designs to give customers a run for their money. LED headlight bulb s to consume very low power; for instance, the low beams consume about 40 watts per unit which is less than the halogens headlights and xenon headlights. No need to worry about changing your bulbs in the near future because Audi got you covered.


Audi headlight styles are simply cool. You can choose from a range of bulbs that is sure to distinguish you from the crowd. Do you like the xenon look? Then add a blue tint to your headlights by using Audi stylish LED headlight bulbs. These bulbs can match HID lightings and looks particularly cool on show cars. One of the reasons Audi is topping the chart in lightning technology is because of its innovative designs for day and night time use; take for instance the Audi A5 has 26 LEDs per headlight. This generates low and high beams from each headlight. Can you beat that? There are other special illumination functions available for crossroads, bad weather, interceptions and country roads.

Heat Dissipated Ways

Now that you know what you stand to gain from using Audi headlights, did you know that heat is the main reason why headlights will stop working? Headlights dissipate heat in three ways:


It functions as a coolant, sending air to where it’s required and cool down the heat inside the headlight assembly. However, while using the bulbs for a long time, the fan will stop working then the bulbs may stop working as well as the heat cannot be dissipated. Also, some LED headlight bulbs’ fan will generate large noise while working. However, most bulbs prefer to designed LED headlight bulbs with the fan inside.

Aluminum Housing

The material used in housing LED lights—special aviation 6063 aluminum can effectively dissipate heat, which affects the performance and lifespan of LEDs. LED headlight bulbs using this material as the heat sink can cool down soon. However, these LED headlight bulbs will not be in high wattage as the heat dissipation ability compared with

Copper Wire

Copper wire is also another way to replace the fan for further heat conduction. This material can reduce the manufacturing cost for making each bulb. However, it will affect the lifespan and reliability for LED headlight bulbs, so nowadays, a few bulbs still using this way as heat dissipation way for LED headlight bulbs


Fan Aluminum housing Copper wire
Material Aluminum Aluminum Copper
Heat dissipation Quick Normal Normal
Noise Yes No No
Problem Bulbs will stop working if the fan has a problem. Need time to dissipate heat, suitable for low wattage headlight bulbs Need extra space for the copper wires.


LED Headlight Bulbs Recommended

Audi is re-imaging lightning technology with their revolutionary LED headlights bulbs, here are two Audi headlights design you can choose from.

Auxbeam A2 Series LED Headlight Bulbs

The Auxbeam A2 series specification is superb. Each set has a power of 50W. With imported CSP chips- high optical density and low heat resistance, this series enhances light efficiency-up to 95%. These series are designed with LEDs assembled on thinner boards, which can provide the more focused beam with no blind zone.

The Auxbeam A2 series LED headlight bulbs have a fan-less design-without ballast so you don’t have to worry about the noise. The soft white-light on the road spreads evenly and even without dark foggy or spotlights; it shows all road situations clearly. Its precise progressive light shield-for clear cut-off does not in any way dazzle on-coming vehicles. The advanced heat-conduction system in Auxbeam A2 series design is unique because the heat sink-fins keep the light bulbs in approximate working temperature. It has a constant current startup with no circuit-interference and electromagnetic radiation.

Auxbeam W Series LED Headlight Bulbs

Auxbeam W series are specially designed by Auxbeam, which the socket base look like the wolf paw. The W series LED headlight bulbs ensures the perfect beam mode, no any dark spot or scattered beam at all. Combing organosilicon lens of high precision adjustment and shaped with CREE LED to provide LED headlight bulbs with clear beam mode needed by vehicles. Different from A2 series, W series has the cooling fan to dissipate heat.


The Audi headlights technology is simply a progressive step in the refining vehicle lighting system. It employs LED headlights which have greatly improved safety. Its dependability is every driver’s wish and it affords prospective buyers a wide range of styles to choose from. Audi is continuously setting a benchmark in innovative designs and technology, for example, The innovative headlights in the Auxbeam A2 series and Auxbeam W series are pretty much cool and affordable. So, when considering which product to change to, you may want to try out these two. More blogs about LED lighting and modified accessories, please check below.

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