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A question we get a lot is, “what beam pattern for my LED light bar should I get?” well here is a little insight... How To Choose The Right Led Light

A question we get a lot is, “what beam pattern for my LED light bar should I get?” well here is a little insight that I hope will help you when you want to choose a LED light bar for your vehicle.



The first one is the spot beam pattern. A spot beam has a narrow beam spread of only 8º. This is great for task specific lighting. For example when you want night time road or trail visibility you want the light focused and intense in a specific area. The spot pattern is great for that.
The second one is the flood beam pattern. Flood has a wide 90ºbeam pattern so the light is more spread out. When you want to more light up a certain area, like your camp site, or a work area, the flood is the right choice.


The last one is the combo beam pattern. When you want versatility, the combo is a good choice. It gives a mix of a spot beam pattern LEDs and flood beam pattern LEDs all within the same light. The trade off is that you are not splitting up the beams so neither the flood nor the spot beams produced are as bright as a dedicated spot or beam light.



Through these descriptions above, we can draw a conclusion that the best LED light depends on your specific situation and budget. If you can afford it, a great combination to have is a dedicate spot coupled with a dedicated flood. For example, it is typical for us to outfit a Jeep Wrangler with a 20 inch spot LED light bar mounted on the bumper which is used for road/trail visibility. Then have a either a couple of 6 inch flood LED light bars mounted at the lower corners of the windshield or a really nice set up is a 40 inch LED light bar mounted across the top of the windshield.

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