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As more and more people prefer to do modifications to their off-roads, cars players pay great attentions to the quality of fog lights that... How to Deal With Your Fog Lights “Tearing”?

As more and more people prefer to do modifications to their off-roads, cars players pay great attentions to the quality of fog lights that install on their vehicles. However, some little problems still happen on the fog light they choose. That is the LED fog light is “tearing” during using for some times. But can you distinguish whether your LED fog light water or it is moist?


fog light watering

In fact, it is a normal situation that fog light becomes moisture while it would be abnormal for fog light watering. It is general because there is something wrong with the leakproofness of the LED fog light or the light shell bursts and water permeates that the light waters. Now let’s talk about how to distinguish moisture or watering. Normally, water goes from the upper part to the lower part of the LED fog light. In this way, it will form an obvious trace of water, like a waterfall. Even if the water dried up, the trace will still be there as there was a snail scrawling the road. This is the situation for a fog light watering. Yet, how to solve this problem? First, remove the fog light and the hot melt adhesive with a knife little by little. Second, separate shade, light body, and mirror, etc. and find where the leaking part is. Third, wipe dry the lamp, mirror with anhydrous alcohol (be careful not to rub the hair mirror). Forth, reseal the fog light with glue or silicone. If the air outlet is blocked, it needs to be break through.


fog light moisture

If you can just see the water vapor only formed in the lower part, not from the upper part to lower part, which means the LED fog light is moisture. In this case, you can just add some desiccant into the fog light and frequently open the fog light. Actually, turning on the fog light can dry the water vapor. In this way, the water vapor can be dry out in about a week. In this way, your LED light bar can perfectly work after being dry out.

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