Installing custom headlights is one of the several popular and easy DIY modifications that can personalize your vehicle. It helps to give the vehicle that renovated look you want for your ride. On the market, there is a wide range of types and styles for your car or truck. Knowing the difference between reflector headlights and projector headlights is key to making the right upgrade. Modern composite headlights are made to incorporate into the design of the vehicle’s body for improved styling and aerodynamics. Thus, manufacturers include turn signal, running and parking lights in the headlight housing if desired.

Why do we need to custom headlights?

Custom Headlights are exactly the type of headlights you need at night and in inclement weather for improved vision. If you want an upgrade in the appearance of your ride with its bolt-on headlight assemblies, go for custom headlights. You need headlights whose projector beam will produce a sharper and a highly focused beam of light for safer driving. Besides, the custom headlight housing is great and will give your vehicle a unique, distinctive look. They are also easy to install for the most part in comparison with ordinary headlights. You need headlights that are an exclusive and custom style which make you stand out

Most upgraded Types of Popular Custom headlights

Reflector Headlights

The reflector is in the inside of the custom headlights assembly and its role is to amplify the amount of light the bulb produces by reflecting it. Besides the lighting components in your ride, the headlight can also get damaged or become too old to work well.


Dullness after many years of usage is the most common problem that the reflector experiences. In a case as such, you will need to re-plated by DIY if you are up to the task or call a professional to do it more efficiently. Also, another option is to give shine to the reflector with a polish designed for that purpose though re-plating is the most efficient remedy. In case it is damaged, replacing it is a perfect option.

Average task

Replacing or polishing a reflector headlight DIY is a fairly average task. Dismounting it depends on how your vehicle setup. Being careful not to break the lens when taking off the lights. Using a top-quality reflector for replacement DIY is perfect for car owners but only if they can do it efficiently

Projector Headlights

Projector headlights produce illumination that is superior compared to their reflector lens counterparts. This accounts for why they are found on more and more new cars and trucks.

Despite that popularity growth with projector headlights, they are reserved more the higher end vehicles in the past. Giving your car this new beam is a great thing and not difficult, too.

It is surprising that it is, in fact, easy, not that difficult as you imagine. Also, it’s becoming a popular modification on almost every type of vehicles.

How to DIY

Online, there are many resources to check, install or replace vehicle custom headlights, but the procedure is basically all the same. Opening the headlights, removing the reflectors, fastening in projector lens, adding a shroud, and sealing everything back up.

Headlight Bulbs

Vehicles come with LED lights that fit numerous applications such as daytime running lights, taillights, headlights, turn signals, brake lights, map lights, instrument cluster and gauge lights and many more.

DIY Replacement

Replacing headlight bulbs when it is burned out is common. However, you are also supposed to replace your bulbs provided they are a few years old. Halogen bulbs last longer than regular incandescent bulbs. With a durable LED Conversion Kit, you can upgrade.

Reflector headlights VS Projector headlights

The very trend of the projector headlights in housing is now getting quite popular in the recent years. As a result, the question of the use of reflector versus projector usually comes up a lot.

Reflector Headlights have been used on vehicles since the invention of electric headlights. Made of a bulb encased in a steel bowl, they can reflect light from mirrors placed within the bowl. Older reflector headlights, the casing cannot be removed to replace a burnt-out bulb. Reflector Headlights have the advantages of low in price to make and thus manufacturers like using them as most vehicle headlight housing.

Pros Cons
The design is simple and less expensive to manufacture Less controlled light output and low beam cutoff traffic is much less distinct.
The beam has intense as well as weak spots in the beam.

Projector Headlights, a newer invention to improve headlight technology. Came to spotlight on a large scale in the 1980s in high-end luxury vehicles. Now they have become popular in basically every type of vehicles. Projector headlights share a few similarities with reflector headlights, which Consist of a bulb in a steel bowl that contains mirrors to act as reflectors. However, a projector headlight as well as a lens that serves as a magnifying glass, to
increase the brightness of the light beam. There are several advantages of the Projector Headlights. They’re significantly brighter than reflector headlights. They can direct downwards not to blind oncoming drivers. Projector headlights give off a better even light.

Provides light distribution that comes with hardly any “hot spots.”
Low beams in the distinct cutoff.
They have a different light output than that of a reflector headlight.


When drivers search for the best custom headlights, they choose the brightest headlights possible that cannot affect other drivers negatively. Considering all of this, it’s clear that projector headlights are brighter and better than reflector headlights.

Headlight Bulb Considerations

While you want to upgrade your reflector headlights to projector headlights or you already have the projector headlights, you need to pay attention to the bulbs inside as well. LED headlight bulbs are much brighter and reliable for not only reflector headlights but also projector headlights. Look at Auxbeam and find a wide variety of LED headlight bulbs and other custom headlights accessories to upgrade on your car, truck or van. We have an assortment of designs, and colors at affordable prices. Auxbeam products are designed to offer safety and style for all types of vehicles.

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