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As everyone known, Cherokee is one of Jeep’s brands. But do you know how it developed and how it is to be designed. Here,... How We know About Jeep Cherokee

As everyone known, Cherokee is one of Jeep’s brands. But do you know how it developed and how it is to be designed. Here, I will tell you more about Jeep Cherokee.


图片1The first generation of Cherokee (SJ) was released by AMC Company in 1974. It is basically a smaller version of Wagoneer. The Cherokee (SJ) is a full-size models and has 2/4 door wagon.



图片2The second generation of Cherokee (XJ) was released in 1984 by Chrysler, which purchases the AMC Company in 1974. The XJ belongs to small four-wheel driving compact SUV and uses the construction of unibody. Many customers love the kind of model deeply. So the XJ sells very hot in that time. In the 1997, the Chrysler wants to redesign the Cherokee, but after facelift the selling is not so good. Chrysler believed that the structure of Jeep Cherokee model is no longer adapted to the rapid development of the automotive industry in the United States. So the company announced that the Cherokee officially changed its name to Liberty. For commercial considerations, in oversea markets they still call it the Cherokee.


The all-new Cherokee is a mid-size crossover SUV produced by Jeep. It was introduced for the 2014 model year at the 2013 New York international auto show and the sales started in November 2013. The Cherokee has a highway fuel economy rating of 31 miles per US gallon and a 45% better fuel economy rating than the Liberty/Cherokee it replaces. Jeep has also adopted the Cherokee name worldwide. The North American market will see the Cherokee nameplate for the first time since the 2001 departure of the Jeep Cherokee (XJ).

The all-new Cherokee is available in four models. The sport serves as the base model. The latitude adds alloy wheels and body-colored door handles and side view mirrors. The Trailhawk adds dark-colored alloy wheels, the Uconect 8.4A touch screen radio with 9-1-1 emergency assistance, roadside assistance, and support for apps. The limited serves as the top-of-line model, and adds bright-finished alloy-wheels, and leather seating surfaces.


The latest generation Cherokee sold a total of 3,1330 worldwide in 2013 and 236,289 worldwide in 2014. Their target customer is between ages 35 to 48 for men and women.


图片6Jeep Cherokee have many modifications. You can install your lover vehicle according to your need. The first one is on the front bumper; you can install a 24 inch LED light bar in it. The second one is you can replace your front bumper with a new one included a bull bar, which has two holes to install the driving lights. The third one is on the roof rack. You can install four driving lights on the included cutting holes. Or you can install other roof rack with each hole on each side, which can ensure you install a 50 inch LED light bar. Or you can install that with upper windshield mounting brackets. Some friends will want to get wider illumination on both sides of the vehicle, so you can install two driving lights or work lights on the A-Pillar.


However, whatever you like, just satisfy your need.图片5






If you have better idea about how to modify Jeep Cherokee or think what I said has something wrong, just contact me. Thanks.


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