This blog is written by our reviewer–iowadairyboys

When I saw the “Auxbeam 5D 42 inch curved light bar” for the first time, I thought this light bar would be a great solution for our old John Deere tractors. This light bar is made of fisheye lens which is really beautiful for the appearance. Our tractors were made in the 1980’s when the company (Any tractor company) did not think about lighting. So there were just a few small lights on the front and back of the tractor, which cannot satisfy our need for working at night. I knew a light bar on top of the cab would be perfect to see everything in front of the tractor. So I began to search the greatest light bar on the internet. Then Auxbeam come into my eye. I have seen many different videos on Youtube showing how wonderful their light bars are and checking their website. Then I decide to choose some for our tractors.