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Most people may think that they need a custom shop build a high-quality sports truck. In fact, there is a trade secrets that you... Installing Review–Auxbeam Flush Mount Lights on Silverado

Most people may think that they need a custom shop build a high-quality sports truck. In fact, there is a trade secrets that you can do your own killer truck through the internet. Yes, you can buy any brand-name modification accessroies at a reasonable price, so they are sent directly to your door, do the installation of your personal satisfaction. To prove our point, here we want to make a modification on a Chevy Silverado by using Auxbeam Flush mount lights to make it different from other Silverados.


4inch LED flush mount work light

Simple custom jobs on Silverado may on the roof, the bumper, etc. Now I want to show you a new way to install but needs a little more hand work to make it. This time we need a pair of flush mount lights and install them as the fog lights inside the grille. In fact, normally we install some 4inch led light bars or work lights inside the grille but a pair of flush mounts would be special.

As in the video below, the grille has been cut and a pair of 4inch light bar have been installed before, if you want to do this modification you need to cut the grille. You can also cut the grille into the shape of the 4inch light bar as the flush mount is hexagon in the front and square at the back. Now, let’s  have a look at how to install the led flush mount lights.

4 steps to install the LED Flush Mounts

First of all, remove the bumper. Take away all the pins with your screwdriver. Then pull the plastic off the side and pull out the clamps. Doing all these, the grille is removed.


Remove the bumper

Second, like the video, if you have install a pair of 4inch LED work lights, you need to remove them. If you don’t, you can skip this and directly cut the grille into the shape of the back of flush mount lights. As a matter of the fact, the flush mount light can perfectly fit the place of the 4inch LED Flush Mount lights.


Install the LED work lights

Third, you need to tighten up the flush mounts. As the grille cannot tight up even with bolts. Thus, you need to make something to hold the lights. In the video, the owner used the hard plastic, but you can also make some metal plates to hold. While tightening the lights, you need to bend the grille to fit the bolts. So you can also pull them even after you finish the installation.


Modifying the brackets


Tighten up the lights

Finally, wire up the lights. Use the wiring harness and connect them to the power system of vehicle. After doing that, the installation is finished.

If you have any ideas about the custom job about Chevrolet Silverado, you can contact us.

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