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Truck horns can be very loud and annoying but they are absolutely necessary as one of the important truck accessories. The horns are meant to... Is Horn Necessary as Truck Accessories

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Truck horns can be very loud and annoying but they are absolutely necessary as one of the important truck accessories. The horns are meant to distract the public, which is to warn the public that the truck is about to take a turn. Louder horns are better when it comes to drawing the attention of other road users.

This helps in reducing the occurrence of accidents. There are different sets of horns depending on the occasion. For example, police sirens are different from ambulance or firefighters’ horns. All our horns at Auxbeam produce pure and loud voices.

Types of Truck Accessories

The following truck accessories are normally seen:

  1. Airflow System

These consist of deflectors on the roof and the sides of the truck. As one of the truck accessories, this is a system developed through consistent and comprehensive tests to ensure great fuel saving.

  1. Cab Side Deflectors

Cab deflectors are an important part of the airflow system. Cab deflectors help reduce resistance by combining the cab deflectors and roof air deflectors.

  1. Sun Visor Exterior

This helps to reduce sun glare in the truck. It also helps maintain the cab’s color and offers heat and impact resistance.

  1. Horn

The horn is one of the necessary truck accessories. What does a horn truck mean? A truck horn is a pneumatic device which is designed to produce an extremely loud noise to draw the attention of other road users. It consists of a source that is used to produce compressed air.

The compressed air passes through a diagram or a reed. This creates sound waves which are amplified by the horn making the sound very loud. These horns are mostly used in trucks especially fire and ambulance trucks as a warning device.

The horn is powered by compressed air from the truck’s air brake system in trucks. Modern trucks are actuated by buttons on the steering wheel like a normal car horn. Some truck horns consist of both electric and air horn which can be selected using a switch placed on the dashboard. This prevents the use of an air horn in populated places.

The Horn as one of the Vital Truck Accessories

To avoid preventable accidents it’s necessary to install horns as the vital truck accessories. It is because the horn can be used to warn other road users of impending danger. The horn is also used to direct wildlife out of the way.

This is because it produces very loud noise which can be heard from afar. Truck horns produce noise decibels of between 80-90 decibels. There are laws imposed to ensure that horns aren’t used unnecessarily.

The main purpose of a horn is to warn others and not for any other purpose. It is a necessary accessory which must be installed on trucks to warn other road users.

Installing Truck Hornshorn installation

Installing a truck horn is quite simple. This is because you have so much working area since the truck is wide. The horn should be placed under the truck’s frame. This not only secures the horn but also it gives a clean job. You should ensure that when installing the horn; make sure the horn is facing the rear of the truck. It should be lightly down so that water is drained quickly after it has accumulated on the horn.

Is a Truck Horn Legal?

truck accessories--hornThe question that most truck users have is whether a truck horn is legal. In most states, it’s illegal to use truck horns. However, it is legal to use the horn in emergency trucks like ambulances.

This is because noise pollution has been a nuisance hence the need for regulating the use of truck horns. Several laws have been put in place to regulate the use of horns. The aim of these laws is to ensure that truck horns aren’t used for any other purpose but to warn road users.

The use of horns is prohibited in highways and honking is also penalized. Companies that manufacture air truck horns warn their buyers about the laws when they are purchasing the horns. Before you purchase a truck horn, ensure that it’s legal to use one in your country or state.

Truck Horns Review from Auxbeam

Auxbeam Horns Comparison

Single/Dual Trumpet Air Horn universal 4 Trumpet 100W 7 sounds warning siren unit 12V 100W Tone warning siren with speaker
Working Voltage 12V voltage 12v/24v 12V voltage DC12V
DB Output 150 DB 150 DB 100watts sound output 7 different sounds
Material chrome plated zinc alloy (non-rusting) zinc ABS plastic Bell& Metal ABS plastic Bell& Metal
Specialty long trumpet length 165-345mm trumpet length Including microphone, can work as a PA system Pure and super loud sound, can shout out your own voice by pressing the side key
No air system stable frequency 420Hz-1780Hz

frequency range

Easy installation with mounting bracket and screws


Our new horns have desirable features which make them appropriate truck accessories. We ensure that the sound produced by our horns is of good quality and within the required noise level.

Most of our truck horns are quite easy to mount. They come with mounting brackets so installing the accessory won’t be a hurdle. These horns can be used in several types of cars especially trucks.

The frequency of our horns is extremely stable. The package comes with all the necessary hardware so you don’t have to look for extra hardware for your horn. They will also give you a great performance and long service life. This reduces the need to replace your horn frequently.

Most of our horns are compact in size meaning they will not occupy too much space. Despite their compact size, they are still loud enough. They will warn other road users without becoming a nuisance.


truck accessories--hornA truck horn is a necessary accessory. However, some people think that truck horns produce unnecessary noise pollution but I beg to differ. When used appropriately, the horn warns other road users of impending.

It avoids accidents by signaling road users that the truck is about to turn or shoot wildlife from the road.

Before purchasing a horn for your track, it is important to find out if its legal to use in your state or country. Find the penalty you will be charged should you be found using your truck horn unnecessary. Make sure that you only use your horn for the purpose its intended to. This is to warn other road users and not as a nuisance or to intimidate road users.

Here at Auxbeam, we ensure that we produce the best track horns that most truck owners and drivers will fall in love with. Our horns are easy to install and they produce great quality sound and they are quite affordable. If you are interested in different vehicle accessories, please read on to know more.

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