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So you are the owner of a decked out UTV, but is your pride and joy UTV adorned by rock lights? If your answer... Keep Rock Lights To Make UTV Rock

So you are the owner of a decked out UTV, but is your pride and joy UTV adorned by rock lights? If your answer is no then you are missing out on a very useful not to mention the trendiest UTV accessories made for a UTV.

A pertinent question that arises here is what exactly is a rock light? Rock lights are LED lights which are strategically installed on a UTV to illuminate the terrain ahead, behind and even beneath the vehicle. So evidently, their very first functionality is offering illumination to the terrain ahead, not to mention the obvious aesthetic appeal they come with. Rock lights vary in shape, size, and color according to their manufacturing.

Why Are Rock Lights Useful?

UTV accessoriesRock lights come in especially handy on off road excursions where the terrain is difficult to see and is very uneven. The primary purpose is to help the driver see the terrain and negotiate ideal wheel positioning. Rock lights ensure that driver is always aware of what kind of surface the vehicle is going over.

Since these UTV accessories are mostly used for off road trips, they are built of very sturdy material which can handle extreme conditions. Rock lights placed inside the hood comes in very useful when ambient light is not enough and some repair or maintenance work has to be done. It beats holding a flashlight in one hand and attempting to make the repairs by a long shot.

Where And How To Install Rock Lights

rock lights--UTV accessoriesThere is no hard and fast rule as to where these UTV accessories should be installed. Rock lights can be installed up under the front of the vehicle so that it will illuminate the ground and surrounding area in front of the vehicle. Similarly, it can be installed in the rear to light up the terrain behind in case the vehicle needs to be moved in reverse gear. Lastly but most importantly, these lights are also installed under the vehicle for visibility over the things that pass under the vehicle. It wouldn’t be farfetched to claim that rock lights are a lifesaver on a dirt road or any other uneven surface as they help spot potholes, rocks and harmful debris, things that could escape the driver’s attention under normal circumstances. Rock lights also help increase the visibility of a UTV or any off road 4×4 vehicle in the dark.

The method of installing a rock light varies according to the manufacturing. Some rock lights are mounted over a strong magnetic strip which just needs to be put on the body of the vehicle and the wires need to be connected to a power supply. The second variety comes with their own mounts. It requires drilling small holes to accommodate the screws which hold up the mount. Once done, the light sits atop the mount pretty sturdily. Both options are pretty viable but the mount based lights tend to be securely fixed in place and aren’t prone to coming to lose easily. As is the case with the magnetic strip based lights, there are wires emanating from the mount based LED’s which require connecting to power source. It’s recommended to get rock lights installed professionally by a mechanic or by someone with experience.

Auxbeam RGB L.E.D Rock lights

LED rock lights are amongst best-selling UTV accessories. Naturally, the market has an abundance of such manufacturers all claiming to have the best features and unmatched product quality. Auxbeam is a manufacturer which sells RGB L.E.D rock light set with blue tooth controller in 4 pieces a set, and 8 pieces a set. But why should you select Auxbeam as your UTV accessories seller? Well, the description of their product and their side by side comparison in the table below will make things pretty evident:

rock lights--UTV accessoriesSalient Features

4-piece set rock lights

>Light weight and small sized. Can be installed anywhere.

>Made from solid die-cast aluminum that offers unmatched durability.

>Hard coated PC – lens protection against mud as well as impact shock and dust.

8-piece set rock lights

>Different R.G.B light effects & strobes are available (via the Bluetooth APP). Undoubtedly, this will offer the much-needed illumination to your vehicle even while in the dark

> Allows DIY light effects as well as Bluetooth control on Android phone/iPhone

Technical Specs

Light Colors RGB+White
Control Bluetooth control+press button
Operating-Voltage D.C 9V~32V (this will fit 12V/24V vehicles)
Beam Angle 120 degree (flood beam)
Size About 70mm(2.75 inches)*36mm(1.4 inches)*10mm(0.4 inches)
Lifetime Over 50,000 hours worth of lifetime


rock lights--UTV accessoriesBoth the sets have all metal housings and have enough wire length which allows positioning according to the owner’s choice. The wires just need to be connected correctly to the positive and negative terminal of the power source (ideally 12v battery). In this way, you can make the installation pretty straightforward and uncomplicated.

The most admirable feature about both of these lights is that they can be operated through the cell phone Bluetooth. This means the RGB light effect can be changed through an app (available for download from Auxbeam website). The app has a very user-friendly interface with tips allowing setting custom colors. The app also provides the ability to change the overall intensity of the lights and the speed of the color change.

There are UTV owners who have made a hefty amount of modifications to their vehicles with respect to its appearance and functionality. Although all these modifications aren’t useful or even required there’s no accounting for taste. Considering this, rock lights are an absolute essential when it comes to UTV accessories for the reasons already discussed above. If you are looking for UTV accessories especially rock lights Auxbeam.com is your one-stop solution for it all.

Word of Caution

LED rock lights such as ones described are classified as “off road lights”. Turning them on when on a busy highway especially at night will obstruct the vision of other vehicle drivers and might cause an accident. Not to mention the use of such lights is forbidden by law and might incur a ticket. If in doubt, always consult professional advice; both on the installation procedure, viability on your vehicle as well as on what the law says about them in your area.

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