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LED driving lights continue to get better and this is all good news to most if not all car owners. There are many reasons why... Best LED Driving Light Review

LED driving lights continue to get better and this is all good news to most if not all car owners. There are many reasons why LED driving lights stand out. For one, they are much brighter than the traditional halogen varieties. They are also designed for multiple driving conditions meaning that users can get exactly what they need to enhance their driving experience. Want to buy some auxiliary lights for your car but have no idea where to start? Below is an detailed review that highlights what driving lights are, why you should use them and where you can install them in your car. The review also covers three of the best LED driving lights available in the market today.

What is Driving Light?

Driving lights perform two major functions. They illuminate the road making it easy for the driver to see while driving and they signal other drivers that there is a car on the road. In fact, headlights can also one kind of headlights, so these driving lights provide adequate illumination without blinding other drivers on the road.

Why Choose LED Driving Light?

led driving lightMassive Life Expectancy

It should be the biggest selling point of the LED driving lights. LED driving light is designed to last longer so you can be sure that once you buy them, you rarely need to replace them.

No warmup time

No like the HID lights, the LED driving light can go on and shine brightly immediately as you start the car.

Low Current draw

LED uses less power but gives out the super bright light. Thus using LED driving lights are more energy efficient

Totally Waterproof

Unlike traditional lights, LED driving lights are totally waterproof. This enhances their versatility and ensures that they can be used in all weather conditions

Vibration Resistant

The fact that LED lights are vibrant resistant in addition to being totally waterproof has given these light quite an edge. In terms of performance, they are ranked as the best performing lights and with these among other qualities, these lights will be holding that position for a long time.


New Type LED Driving Function

RGB Rotating led driving lightProjector Lens

Projector headlights are among the newest invention as far as car lighting is concerned. These lights come with a lens that works as a magnifying glass. Thanks to this lens, the brightness of the light beam is increased. Aside from their brightness, projector lights are becoming popular because they are also less likely to blind other drivers.

Halo Ring/Angel Eye

Halo rings or angel eyes comes with a luminous ring inside the headlight that greatly enhances the appearance of the car. Though these lights were originally produced by BMW, they have been widely optimized to work with other car models.

DRL Function

Aside from just being used at night, LED driving lights may also work as daytime running lamps. These work to increase visibility with daylight conditions. These lights are known to increase safety on the road during the day.

Where Can LED Driving Lights Be Installed?

On the Roof

You can choose to install your LED driving lights on the roof rack. This offers a wider view. Install on the roof is easy if you have the roof racks or rooftop cargo covers.

At the Bumper

This is the simplest location to mount your driving lights. Most if not all cars come with built-in lighting mounts so fixing is made easy. Accessing the wiring from the bumper is also quite easy. Driving lights on the bumper improve the visibility of the road ahead but it does not shed much light to other areas

On the A-Pillar

This location offers the best light for high-speed off-road driving. Installing the LED headlights on the A-pillar is not easy because you need extra mounting brackets to make the lights keep on the position. The mounting brackets for vehicles except Jeep might be a little bit hard to find. Maybe you need to modify the mounting brackets by yourselves.

3 Auxbeam Hot Sale LED Driving Lights Review



Power LED Quantity  



Beam Pattern Lifetime  


7 inch Round Rotating RGB Halo Ring Headlights 90w


5 LED Chips Projector Lens Low Beam 50,000 hours Halo Ring/Angel Eye
7 inch LED Driving Light




16 Pieces LED


Reflector Lens Combo Beam 50,000 hours Combo Beam
6 inch CREE Round LED Driving Light 60w


4 Pieces LED Projector Lens Hi-Lo beam


50,000 hours X-shape DRL Function

7 inch 90W Round Rotating RGB Halo Ring Headlights

RGB Rotating led driving lightThese headlights are designed with the Jeep Wrangler in mind. The lights fit into the buckets without any modifications. Even better, these headlights are light in weight and deliver high lumen output. Other notable features include:

RGB Rotating Function

These headlights are made in RGB, which can give out multiple colors. Yet, different from other RGB headlights, which can just give out one light at a time before it changed, Auxbeam RGB rotating headlights can give out multiple colors in just one mode. They will be much cooler than other LED Headlights.

Built-in Cooling system

This ensures optimal heat dissipation. Made of aluminum housing, these LED headlights can dissipate the heat quickly by the aluminum housing.

All in one Function

This headlight is android and IOS compatible, Bluetooth controlled and comes with a time function.

7 inch 80W LED Driving Light

led driving lightYet another innovative Auxbeam creation. This LED driving light comes with a unique spot and flood bean that is sure to enhance visibility even in further places. The light is housed in an aluminum alloy casing that is both durable and corrosion resistant. Other features include:

Vertical Fins

These work to keep the light cool. The vertical fins have been proven to offer a better cooling function

Bright LED Chip

This first of all ensure that the light delivered is bright. The LED chip also makes this driving light energy efficient while ensuring enhanced stability.

6 inch 60W CREE X-Shape LED Driving Light

led driving lightAs the name suggests, this driving light has an X-shape DRL function light. The driving light comes with a high water proof rate and a Hi-Lo beam. The headlight is enclosed in a black cover made using die-cast aluminum. Other features include:

Clear PC Lens

This delivers a bright light to ensure that the road is well illuminated when you are driving. The lens is hard coated to ensure that it stays in perfect condition for long.

Long Lifetime

This headlight is designed to deliver 50,000 hours of quality lighting. With good care, these lights will literally last as long as your car.


This light can be used as the fog light or a reverse back up light. They can also offer great lighting on and off the highway and if you are really adventurous you can use them as recreational lights. The lights are sure to guarantee that you way stays illuminated whatever the weather conditions.

Unlike with the 2 headlights discussed above, the CREE driving light comes as a single light in a package. The above lights come in pairs so 1 package is in most cases enough. With the CREE LED driving lights you need to get at least two packages.


LED driving lights are very useful for many different off-roads. LED driving lights have many functions and can make your off-road much cooler. Do not hesitate and get one pair of LED driving lights to make your off-road new. If you are interested in LED lighting and off-road modification, please read on to know more.

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