LED motorcycle lights are essential for visibility on the road. These lights are not only used during the night but also during the day when the weather is foggy and chilly. The department of transport in many states requires every person who owns street legal dirt bikes to have the LED lights. Anybody who does not meet this requirement can be penalized; For this reason, it is imperative to install the LED motorcycle lights in case your bike does not have. These lights are significant for visibility and have been found to reduce road accidents.

The Function of Motorcycle Lights

street legal dirt bikesSafety

The right lighting of your motorcycle is critical in safety on the road while lighting. Light is especially crucial for scooters and bikes. When it is dark or foggy, it is difficult to see other street legal dirt bikes compared to cars. Therefore, riders require lighting that is very reliable, and that will offer optimum illumination to avoid obvious accidents.


Visibility is essential for both the cyclists as well as vehicle drivers. During the night, other cars need to see you thus it is imperative that your dirt bike has LED motorcycle lights. In case a driver does not see your bike, it is very easy to bump into you. More so, if you are riding without lights, you can easily crash into trees or other buildings along the road.


Usually, most heavy-duty drivers are unaware of the presence of street legal dirt bikes riders on the road. This is because you will find that most motorcyclists do not use the same lane as these massive vehicles. If a biker is riding along the same lane that the large vehicle is using and does not have lights, it is very easy to cause a fatal accident. Therefore, the LED motorcycle lights create awareness to the heavy vehicle drivers, who will the take a different lane or drive slower.

Importance of Street Legal Dirt Bikes to Upgrade the LED Motorcycle Lights

street legal dirt bikesLED motorcycle lights provide very clear bright light and are very durable. These lights are the most widely used lately, and within no time, they will take over the market. Although they are quite expensive than the HID and Halogen, they are way better and efficient compared to those other lights.

Due to their extensive usage, their prices are going down day by day thus within the next few years, everybody will be able to afford these lights. Their long lifetime makes them maintenance free therefore you will not have to incur any cost for the maintenance and repair and maintenance of the headlights.

In addition to that, the installation of the LED motorcycle lights on your street legal dirt bikes is straightforward. You can do the installation on your own using a user template or hire a technician who will perform the job in a few minutes.

The importance of upgrading these LED motorcycle lights for your street legal dirt bikes is because they offer maximum lighting for your bike. The light that emanates from them is normally of high quality, white and very bright light that can illuminate very along the road. Its light is very bright compared to the basic halogen and HID lamps.

Once you upgrade your lights to the LED ones, you will benefit from both better lighting on the road as well as excellent visibility in all weather. More so, you will significantly save on fuel because of reduced or no maintenance costs.

Street Legal Dirt Bikes Lights—LED VS HID VS Halogen

LED motorcycle lights type LED HID HALOGEN
Durability High durability because there are no moving filaments. It is also shockproof. Have an average durability because they contain several moving parts, filaments
and bulbs.
Have average durability due to a couple of moving parts
30 minutes
one hour
60 minutes
High Average Average
Low heat emission Relatively high heat emission High heat emission thus consumes a lot of heat
Power Draw Have a low power draw Have a high power draw Have quite a high power draw
Life-span Have a lifespan of approximately 25000 hours Have a life-span of approximately 5000 hours Have a life-span of approximately 450-1000 hours
Fast warm-up time Relatively fast warm-up-time Average warm-up-time

Here are some of the frequently used LED motorcycle lights we want to recommend to your street legal dirt bikes

7” Osram Round LED Headlights

led motorcycle lights

These headlights have a very high performance. They contain a Hi-Lo beam that has a halo ring as an angel eye or DRL. This light is compact and robust thus it can withstand any shock or vibration. Osram lights have quite a superior light out that is soft and efficient therefore it is perfect for your street legal dirt bike.

These lights have a housing that is made of full aluminum for durability thus you are guaranteed that Osram lights will serve your street legal dirt bikes for quite some time.

Harley Projector Headlights & Fog Light Kit

led motorcycle lights The Harley headlights have a chrome plated ring that is uniquely designed for Harley Davidson applications. It has a unique design that is resistant to UV and lens that are 4D-round as well as D-shaped. They have a relatively low energy consumption, are eco-friendly, and their efficiency is of high levels.

They provide maximum visibility as well as safety and are high-performance, durable headlights. Additionally, they are waterproof, dustproof and corrosion proof, which makes them very durable. Their optimized sink design makes these headlights to be good shock absorbers and withstand any level of vibration.

Cree-U7 Black Motorcycle LED Spotlights

led motorcycle lights

These LED spotlights are energy saving and have an extended lifespan. The Cree LED lights have three built-in operation modes which include high beam, flashing and low beam. They also have a long wide range beam that is focused and allows your street legal dirt bikes to see far away. They are commonly used for street legal dirt bikes, motorcycles, cars, trucks, and boats.

Their waterproof, rust-proof, dust-proof and anti-collision nature makes them very durable thus useful for long-term usage. Their installation is straightforward. These spotlights have a radiator design as well as a blasting flash function that is invincible.

LED motorcycle lights for your street legal dirt bikes are essential because apart from safety and visibility, riders can enjoy the cool appearance of the motorbike. These lights are quite expensive compared to the other lights, but the benefits they come with are more significant. More so, they are highly durable thus significantly reducing maintenance costs. Therefore, it is imperative to upgrade your motorcycle lights to LED as soon as possible.

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