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What are LED Pods? Off-road driving has been made a great deal safer thanks to products that provide bright lighting from the vehicle itself.... LED Pods—Small Size with Huge Function

What are LED Pods?

led podsOff-road driving has been made a great deal safer thanks to products that provide bright lighting from the vehicle itself. Thanks to LED Lighting technology, this has been made fairly easy to ensure the safety of not just your most important asset, personnel, but also of the vehicles themselves. Like headlights, LED pods are used to light up the road in front of the driver. What makes them different is the brightness, range, and portability they possess. The increases in these fields are what makes LED light pods a much safer and effective alternative to headlights.

Truck Drivers who maneuver hazardous roads on a day to day basis are happy to use LED light pods, as are other people who have to traverse great distances in such conditions. The LED pods also help the driver stay awake during the trek, as the increased brightness is enough simulation of sunlight. LED Pods are made of a metal base which is filled up with several high quality led light bulbs, each of which was designed, made and picked for this purpose.

What separates LED Light Pods from other similar products is that they are efficient in every way. They are made from high-quality materials and vary in shapes and sizes across all different modules, meaning they’re effective for both small, medium and large vehicles.

Which LED Pods Should You Pick?

led podsThere is a plethora of different LED pods on the Market today. LED Pods offer a range of quality at affordable prices to even small and medium businesses which require them. A few factors separate LED pods one from another. From shape and size to the brightness, they are highly

breakable, before buying a pair you should consider your mounting options, however, the mounts themselves aren’t particularly expensive either, meaning you should be able to afford it quite easily.

It is best to visualize how the LED light pods will look and work, as some vehicles do not have the mounting spaces others do. We can accommodate to all of your needs, and you can always speak directly to our team about how the LED light pods will fit your specific vehicle.

Between out different models a few stand out. Like the RGB color function led light pods, they are popular because they can be applied in many different ways. The LED light pods are designed to project high-intensity lighting at great distances, as they have a pending aperture system which prevents light spilling out from the official beam.

RGB LED pods are often used as marine and emergency lighting, as well as in mining and agriculture. Despite the intensity of the LED light pods, they are safe for roads as they were specially designed to contain the light within a certain parameter. It is highly durable thanks to its aluminum housing. It is known to be waterproof, dustproof, quakeproof and anti-corrosion. It means that no matter what kind of strain its put under, our housing will push through.

What If My Vehicle is Too Large for Regular LED Pods?

led light podsFor bigger vehicles, we recommend using our White and Amber Bicolor LED Pods. It is specially made to fit trucks, 4×4 and off-road vehicles, in essence, the bigger it is, the better the LED light pods to fit. Primarily used for foggy surroundings or those with a limited field of vision available to the driver. These LED light pods mimic a halogen bulb but at a greater distance with a clear and consistent tone which decreases the likelihood of a crash on the road. The LED pods are made with high-quality aluminum for greater durability and resistance to water, dust, corrosion, and trauma. What differentiates these 2 models from others that rely on reflection is the fact that the light pods do not use lenses to concentrate light, which helps in the fact that the light comes out stronger, brighter and more natural looking. Models that project light tend to need an alternate source of power from the vehicle, which while certainly a flaw, is a common staple of today.

We recommend seeking professional help while mounting these LED Pods, as they are difficult to measure and fit, and if you make a mistake while mounting it is highly likely you could damage the hull of your own vehicle.

LED Light Pods Recommended

RGB Bicolor Hyperspot fog light
Power 15 W 20W 20W
Working Voltage DC
9~32V(fits 12V/24V vehicles)
10-30V DC 10-30V
Number of Chips 3pcs*5W high power CSP LEDs 16pcs*1w 4pcs*5W
Protection Rate IP 67 IP 67 IP 67
Color Temperature 6000 K 2000±200k/6000±500k 6000 K
Working temperature -40~85 degree Celsius -40~85
degree Celsius
-40~85 degree Celsius
Size approx. 80mm*75mm*73mm/3.1*3*2.9inch approx.
(L)83mm(3.27″) x
(H)75mm(2.95″) x (W))72mm(2.83″)
Material Black Diecast Aluminum, clear PC plate Aluminum alloy profile, aluminum bracket, PC Lens Black Diecast Aluminum, clear PC plate
Bracket Alu Firm, 150 degree angle adjustable Alu Firm, 60 degree adjustable Alu Firm, 150 degree angle adjustable
Lifetime 30000 30000- 50000 50000
Beam Pattern Combo/Multi-color Flood Beam/White+Amber Spot Beam/White

How to Connect the LED Light Pods

led light podsThe RGB pods are installed by connecting proper wires to proper poles, this is made as intuitive as possible by us, we’ve tried to make it so that even someone that is an absolute beginner at installing devices like these is able to successfully install our LED pods onto their vehicle.

The black wire connects to the negative pole, yellow and red connect to the positive pole. (Red is the white light and yellow is RGB lights.) While you are attaching these, make sure to wear rubber gloves, as it is working with electricity and could bring harm to you if done wrong. Despite the ease of installation, we recommend that you bring in an expert for it, as while it is easy to do, it is also quite risky even with the protective gloves, as you risk damage to the vehicle or the LED pods themselves.


The LED light pods are controlled through a remote that comes with them, which enables the user to accurately control which light color they have from even far away, removing the need for a control table. The remote control is simple and intuitive in itself, with colored representations of the LED light pods which are being controlled.

For businesses and individuals that are debating purchasing these due to the price, we want to ask the question: Is it cheaper to buy pods or a new truck? Now, supplies aren’t limitless, and the last few batches have sold out at rapid speed, there are only 38 more pods available as of the writing of this article, so if you want to get them before they run out all the way, you’d better act fast. More blogs about LED lighting and modified accessories, please check below.

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