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LED lights are very popular these days. Many off-road lovers prefer to add different lighting on their vehicles. LED light bar, LED headlights are... LED Work Light, Versatile in Every Situation

led work lightLED lights are very popular these days. Many off-road lovers prefer to add different lighting on their vehicles. LED light bar, LED headlights are popular among many people but do you know that there is one kind of light that is versatile to use in different places—LED work light. LED work light, in fact, is a range of LED lights that provide bright, clear and crisp lighting, whatever it needs. Light-emitting diodes are 90% more efficient than conventional bulbs, which means that rechargeable devices run longer and have less downtime.

LED work light can be in different shape in different application situations. The 4 inch LED pod lights can be regarded as the small work light used in different places on the vehicles. Those lights can also be used in worksite like the warehouse, workshop etc.

LED Work Light Application

Work Light Used in Vehicle

led work light on JEEPVehicles standard feature only include headlight, fog light, turn signals, and even side marker lights. Though after some modifications, some parts may be replaced and not exist anymore, like the fog light for Jeep. After adding the front bumper, the fog light may be missing and if you need the fog light to light up especially in rainy days, you can add the LED work light on each side of the A-pillar. Also, you can add more LED lights like the LED light bar on the windshield, LED driving lights on the bumper. Also, the work light can be installed on the rear to be as the backup light.

Work Light Used in Warehouse

The warehouse is mainly used for storing the products. There are staffs that work on the warehouse who are responsible for the product delivery. While working at night, light is a necessity. LED work light can work the same as the fluorescent lamp while in the correct working voltage. Also, you may need forklifts to carry goods. Thus, led work lights can be installed on the forklift as the auxiliary light.

Work Light Used in Fishing

Fishing is loved by many people and some may even love to fish in the night time. Also, the fishermen need to work at night to catch fish for sale the other day. How to catch more fish may be important for the fishermen. As a matter of fact, light can attract fish. There is a thing called fishing light attractor which uses green light to attract fish and shrimp. Get one led work light with the green color to install on the boat to attract fish. You may get more fish.

LED Work Light Features & Options

Beam Pattern

led work light on forkliftFor LED lights, they will be made in a specific beam pattern to satisfy your need for your usage. There are mainly two kinds of beam patterns for LED work light—flood beam and spot beam.

Spot beam can cast a narrow, long-reaching light. Typically, the beam angle of the spot beam is about 30 degrees. The spot beam is very useful to be as driving lights. Because the spot beam can reach a much longer distance and light up the objects before you reach them. So you can notice what is in front of you to escape accidence. Spot beam work light may be the best choice for vehicles

Flood beam is opposite to the spot beam. Flood beam LED lights can light up in a wide area, but cannot reach a very long distance. Not like the spot beam, the flood beam has a beam spread of 120 degrees. Flood beam work light can also be used on vehicles as the width lamp or backup light. Also, flood beam work light can also use in warehouses, which can light up not only the warehouses but also install on the forklift to help to work at night easily.

Color Options

led work light fishingThere are in facts many color options for LED lights. Different colors can be used in different working applications.

Many led work lights are in white color. White color can illuminate and help you see clearly. LED lights in about 6000-6500K approach the sunlight, so the light in white can see things clearly. So normally we choose white light for our house, vehicle driving light, warehouse, etc.

Amber light, also we can call it yellow light. Amber lights are mainly used in vehicles as the fog light or emergency signal LED lights. In rainy, foggy or snowy weather, it is very hard to see the road in white light. However, the amber color can penetrate them and help you see the front. Also, if you have any emergency incident and need to stop, you can light up the amber emergency light to tell other vehicles.

The green light may be rarely used on vehicles but can be wildly used in fishing and hunting. According to the biological principles, green or blue light can attract fish because fish are most sensitive to green and blue light compare to other colors. Same as the hunting, Green light creates a better contrast at night, making it ideal for hunting dark animals such as wild hogs. In addition, due to the hog’s visual spectrum, green light is not as noticeable as white or red light.


LED lights are very useful and can be used in different applications. They have a wild range of features and different features can fit for different applications. If you want to choose the LED work light, you first need to know where you want to use them on, what size you will prefer. Auxbeam has a lot of LED work lights that are not only suitable for vehicles, but also many different applications. Some customers use our work light to light up the advertising board and even light up the basketball court. We glad to find them use our LED work light or other LED lights on an unusual site. If you are interested in vehicle modification or want to know more about the lighting, you can read on to know more. And we are glad to have your feedback.

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