LED lighting for industrial application is accepted by more and more people. Because it has unique characteristics, such as lower power consumption, better heat dissipation and longer lifespan. These features make them very popular and become the lighting technology of choice.
12Spotlights and tunnel lights can be used for lighting vast areas like factories, gymnasiums, yards, advertising boards, parking lots, stadiums and parks. LED tunnel lights are also used to illuminate dark areas with the added benefit of emitting low heat and consuming less energy.

The visibility factor is extremely important in the design of highway lighting, as factors like photometric properties of light sources, lighting geometry, targets, road conditions, road surfaces and surroundings need to be taken into consideration.

Even the LED lighting for industrial application is becoming more common, the consumers should be aware of the facts about LEDs before changing over to this technology. They should be aware of the test data, standards, and try to get feedback people who are already using LED lighting in their facilities. The users should ask for full test results, and relevant listings for the suppliers.