The timely maintenance of driving lights is very important for comfort and safety. Without getting informed, it is hard for drivers on the road to be aware of the breakdown of headlights, turning lights and taillights. “There is something wrong with my car.” It is not limited to burning out lamps, corrosion of plugs and switch breakdown. For more technical problems, professional inspection with computer is needed.

adjust car headlightThe demand for auxiliary lights is a little different. Width lamp, brake light and backup light should be bright enough without flashing. For the turn light, the flashing frequency should be 60-120 times per minute and the front and back turn lights should flash correspondingly. If auxiliary lights are not bright enough, first check the cover to find out any aging, yellowing or water vapor. An aging cover will dim the light as well. Cleaning the cover is easy. Just open it and mob it with clean wet cloth. Then turn on the light for 40 minutes to check whether the vapor has disappeared. If not, it indicates there is something wrong with the lamp seal. It is time to change the lamp. Moreover, changing two headlights at the same time is necessary lest different side illumination will impair the driver’s vision.

Choosing the right lamps is not decided by price but the type matching the car. Generally, inspection after driving 50,000 km or 2 years is suggested. Drive carefully to avoid lamp cracks. If a new light is needed, you might as well choose Auxbeam for LED lights of suitable specification and high quality.