Somewhere, Nissan Xterra is the scroll to the happy farm to join your pet hamster said: “ran away”, and where all the other family pet…But for some reasons there cannot be visited. We are terribly sorry for those who in deep love with Nissan Xterra for the bad news, but after a solid 15 years in the auto market, the time for Xterra adventure is over. However, you still do something for your Xterra for getting some changes for it.


  1. First find a place to install the light bar. There is a perfect place for installing an LED light bar on the Xterra—the hollow spot. You can measure the place for the light bar. This 20in LED light bar can definitely be installed on that spot. You just need to center the light bar and mark the spot of the bracket installation.
  2. To hook it to the bumper, you need to remove the license plate holder and then the upper section of the bumper. There are about 6 bolts underneath. Unscrew them, you can take down the upper bumper.
  3. Installing the light bar. The brackets come with the light bar. When you install the brackets you can adjust the exact place for the Xterra spot you just measured. And the light can be adjusted in different angles ranging in 180degree.
  4. Drill holes for the spot where you are going to install your light bar. First on the upper bumper, then the holder on the Xterra. Then just install the light bar on the upper bumper and you can install back the upper bumper to the holder. Or you can wait until the wiring is finished.
  5. For wiring the light bar to the battery, you also need to buy a wiring harness. The harness can fit for either one light or two lights. The wiring harness has the relay and the switch. You just need to connect the wiring to the battery and the light.

We will discuss more beast cheap led light bar in the future. More information about this installation, please have a look at the video below.

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