Have you ever come across this situation; when driving on the highway, you could not see clearly because the oncoming vehicle headlight blinding you? Or your headlight do not light the road instead of the trees? Today, Auxbeam want to discuss with you how to adjust headlights in a simple way.

You may always haul large loads exceed your weight in the cargo area. You can consider adding the load-leveling air shocks. Or the shock on your vehicle will be worn. When the rear shock was worn out, the vehicle will point higher than normal, headlights also. There is also one reason is by hitting. If your vehicle is hitting the front end, the headlight position would be crooked.

So here I want to share with you a way to check and adjust your headlight to the right position. And you will need some tools like a screwdriver or socket wrench, masking tape, and a tape measure.

  1. Level your vehicle by removing all overload stuff. Keep your vehicle at the recommended levels. Your vehicle has at least a half tank of fuel and someone sitting on the driver’s seat, which is an imitation as a daily driving condition.
  2. Park your vehicle in a place that has a wall and park your vehicle about 10 to 25 feet from the wall. Check whether the shocks are leveled by bouncing for a couple of times on all four corners. Also, you can measure the distance from both headlights to the ground to make sure it is leveled.
  3. Turn the headlight on. You can turn on the low beam first, then the high beam and fog lights. Use the tape measure to measure horizontal and vertical centerlines of the headlight beam. And the centerline should not be over 3.5 feet above the ground. Use the masking tape to mark the centerline and the headlight beam position on the wall.
  4. Back up your vehicle for 25 feet. You need to make sure it is 25 feet exactly by using the tape measure. Since 25 feet is a standard for most vehicles, you can also refer to your manufacturer manual to make sure.
  5. Then check the position where it is lighting in the 25feet from the wall. If the light aims at the masking tape, you do not need to adjust the headlight. If not, you need to adjust the headlight.
  6. To adjust the headlights, you will need to find the adjustment screws. You need to remove the trim ring from the headlight and the adjustment screws are located on the top and side of the light housing in most cases.


adjustment screws position

Adjust one headlight at a time. Use a shirt or other stuff to block one light but not fully blocked, which will damage the plastic lens. The upper screw can adjust the vertical beam pattern. Turn the screw clockwise can raise the lights, counterclockwise lower the light. Also, the side screws can adjust the horizontal beam pattern. You can adjust the side screws by turning left and right.

Adjust the angle according to the masking tape on the wall and after you adjust them, you can drive on the road to make sure you have to do it right.