As far as we have learnt, there are many famous LED chips brands as following:

Nichia, Cree, HP, Toyoda GeseiCo, Toshiba, SDK, Philips Lumileds, luxeon, Smileds, Genelite, Osram, Gelcore, Bridgelux, Seoul, Epivalley and etc. they are foreign brands.

OSRAMChina has the strong technology strength and ability to make good quality LED chips. Chips made in China own very big market share in the world LED products market with good reputation due to high cost performance.

What we are going to do is to make comparisons on the three brands from these three aspects and also the prices respectively. Please note that Cree is the only brand which stabilizes after the first 10000 hours and the attenuation after the first 10000 hours is very minimal.

The brightness (measured by mcd)


  Osram Cree Epistar
Red lamp 400-600 mcd 400-600 mcd 330-600 mcd
Green lamp 1600-2400 mcd 1100-1600 mcd 1200-1700 mcd
Blue lamp 300-700 mcd 300-600 mcd 300-650 mcd
Whole pixel 2700-4300 mcd 2200-3400 mcd 2450-3450 mcd

The brightness attenuation after 10000 hours:


  Osram Cree Epistar
Red lamp 2.5% 26% 28%
Green lamp 2.5% 26% 28%
Blue lamp 2.5% 26% 28%

Viewing angle:


Osram Cree Epistar
Horizontal 150 degrees 120 degrees 110 degrees
Vertical 60 degrees 70 degrees 80 degrees

These three brands are common-use in the market, many LED lights contain these kinds of LED chips and different chips of them depend on different product price and quality.