As the technology of LED lighting integrated automotive industry continuously develops, the LED lighting available inside and outside the automobile has been promoted. Though many offroad enthusiasts have join into this latest trend by modifying their offroads with LED lighting, different automobile manufacturers now also take immediate actions.

Why choosing LED lighting? You may know that LED lighting can offer you personal options and flexibility compared to other lightings. For LED lightings, you can choose whatever color you prefer and the design of the lighting housing. While you may know something about the LED, you may hear about the LED chips. When talking about LED lighting for automobiles, many people would first think of CREE. Well, CREE is indeed very powerful and really popular among the Americans. In fact, there are many other LED manufacturers that also do a good job in making LED lighting chips. Here I want to introduce Philips and Osram to you and compare them.

Osram-LED-Soleriq-E_procenvironment. They tend to offer a broad range of “green” vehicle owners and lighting solutions. OSRAM lighting solutions provide high power automotive lighting, which increases road safety when traveling. OSRAM lighting solutions can be used for daytime running lights, tail lights, fog lighting, indoor lighting. The color is intense blue, bright white, red, orange, green, blue green, pink. They are easy to install, will be used for different purposes of writing.

Nowadays, many LED manufacturers even some Chinese manufacturers would like to use Philips and Osram as the lighting chips of the offroad light bars. Though they may seem in the same quality, Osram, in fact, would be more powerful and cost a lot more than Philips. Philips may be not the same as Osram but it is still very powerful. And also Philip has high quality led chips that maybe can break Osram in some ways. Here is a comparison about the performance on Osram and Philips.

Company Osram Philips
Product type OLED Module OLED Module
Model ORBEOS®SDW-058 9254.000.09600 FL300ww B1 PCAL
Product dimension 118.75×118.75mm 127x127mm
Power consumption 1.7w 7.4w
CRI >80 >80
Lumen output(@4000K) 68lm(@3400K) 300lm
Light efficiency 40lm/w 40-50lm/w
Driver type Special OLED driver 6V Special OLED driver 20V 368mA
Product variety
Product color temperature available 3400K 3000K,4000K
Product shapes available Square, Rectangle,Circle Square

Auxbeam as a leading manufacturer of LED auxiliary lights, also uses Philips, Osram and also Cree LED chips to make all our light bars. You can choose what types of chips you want at