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Are you struggling to find excellent LED spotlights and LED headlights for your motor or bike? Then go to Auxbeam.com. This week Auxbeam issued... Perfect motorcycle spotlights – 125 optical watts 2 inches CREE-U9

Are you struggling to find excellent LED spotlights and LED headlights for your motor or bike? Then go to Auxbeam.com. This week Auxbeam issued a bunch of new LED lights especially for motorcycles. Sizes of 2, 3, 5 and 7 inches are all available. Here introduce the 2 inches CREE-U9 motorcycle spotlights.

motor spotlightThis motorcycle spotlight has 3 modes and 2 colors to perfectly match your motor. There are 3 lighting modes, high beam, low beam and flashing. You can change the modes by pressing the switch continuously. The black one looks very cool and tough and the silver one looks like a black warrior in a silver armor. The surface is made from high impact aluminum, whose natural color is silver. It acts as a durable shell to the little lamp inside. The black one is painted evenly to have a tougher and cooler look.

This motorcycle spotlight has a CREE-U9 LED, which is of high power and good quality. The optical watts is 125, dwarfing the electrical input power of 15 watts. It is extremely bright even in daytime. The input voltage is DC 12V—80V, vehicles of 12V/24V can find this suitable. The color temperature is Xenon White 6000K-7000K and the working temperature is -40~40 degree Celsius. People who lives in tropical areas may have to reconsider buying it or not because of the high heat there.

dirt bikesThis motorcycle spotlight is fit for dirt bikes of Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, BMW and KTM. Bicycles and motor bikes are also applicable. Besides motors and bikes, cars, trucks and boats can also add on this spotlight since its advantages of small size and high light output. Its luminous flux is about 3000lm and the lighting range is about 200 meters. With high brightness and long lighting distance, guess how large it is? Incredibly, it is only 2 inches wide, which is very easy and convenient to be mounted on a bike. Its length is 112mm and the height is 95 mm. The thread diameter of this spotlight is 8mm, and you can screw into the hole with two 8mm bolts included in the package. Detailed data on wires and overall pictures are showed as well in the website.

wiresAlthough professional installation is highly recommended, you can also do it yourself to have a try. Maybe finding an assistant to cooperate can make it easier and faster. Just be cautious about the mounting position. Install this spotlight at a low and rear point thus it will project light to the ground rather than directly into the eyes of pedestrians or drivers. In some countries, “headlights should always be aimed down and to the right slightly.” May you enjoy the experience of installing LED spotlights on motorcycles.

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