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LED automotive lights in the shape of a bar are something we got used to long ago. LED pod lights belong to another type... Pod Lights—Small Modification, Big Change

pod lightsLED automotive lights in the shape of a bar are something we got used to long ago. LED pod lights belong to another type of lights. They are usually cubic and have already become incredibly popular for a great range of applications. These lights are often a better choice for some types of vehicles. But the best thing about them is probably the price. LED pod lights usually cost many times less than a full-sized light bar, being just as bright and durable. If you haven’t used LED pod lights in any way so far, you may not know anything about the existing models and feel difficulty choosing the one that suits your needs best. If you read on, you will have a chance to learn more about this source of additional illumination and in which ways it can be used.

The most common way for pod lights to be modified and installed on the vehicle is being replaced as the fog lights. Some may want to ask why not replace with the factory fog light. Let’s check below.

Fog Lights Application

Bad weather conditions require reliable and clear illumination of the road. The dense fog on the road seriously affects visibility, the average speed, and most importantly—your safety. When you are driving in the fog, the most important thing is not the light brightness, and not the color or the type of the lamp. The main thing is the place where you mount the lights. The lower the fog lights are, the better they illuminate the road.

Why Your Fog Lights Stopped Working?

pod lightsWhile driving for a period of time, your car light may be not as bright as before, some may even have moisture inside or even stop working. All these problems can be fixed easily with the help of pod lights.

First, they offer excellent illumination in all weather conditions. Second, they are usually cheaper than the factory fog lights of a certain manufacturer used in your vehicle. They are designed to keep working under the negative influence of many destructive factors like low and high temperatures, the pressure of oncoming airflow, sand and gravel, rain or snow. Pod lights are compact sources of very bright light which do not emit thermal energy like other lamps do. Besides, they usually consume less power while giving the same quality of illumination. LED lights produce extremely intense light with an almost microscopic load on your car’s electrical system. The intensity of the brightness becomes visible instantly, but the most important feature of such lighting is the length of the light beam, allowing seeing far enough to drive safely in any conditions.

Some LED Pod Lights Review

There is a great choice of LED pod lights so one’s head may go round trying to figure out which one to pick. Here you can see the reviews of three really good options with different features and compare them.

Bicolor 3 inch 16W LED Pod Lights

fog lightThis is a very compact but powerful source of light for your truck. It stands out with its dual color design combining white and amber light, which is the best choice if you want to use it instead of the fog lights which usually have with similar light colors. The lights provide you with longer irradiation distance than ordinary fog lights as well. They are very low-consuming and save you a fair amount of gas. Having lights like this, you will be sure of your safety in any weather conditions.

3 inch RGB Pod Lights

pod lightsThis is another good example of a pod light. It stands out among others offering you multiple color options with convenient remote control. This product has a very wide application range. It can be used not only on trucks and off-road vehicles but on heavy machinery working in mining and farming industry. It is very durable due to the aluminum housing and has a lifespan of 30,000 hours. But note that the waterproof feature doesn’t mean that you can submerge it in water for more than 30 minutes and it is advised not to put it more than 1 meter deep.

3 inch 20W PHILIPS Square LED Pod Lights

This pod light is proud of its 4D fish eye hyper spot lens, which is designed to create extremely bright illumination even in the daylight. But at the same time, it doesn’t consume much power. It projects light on great distance, ensuring good illumination in close quarters as well. The great thing about it is the lifetime, which makes 50,000 hours. Besides, the product is RoHS certified. Like the previously mentioned models it is waterproof, dustproof and quakeproof, so you can use it on any adventures you take with your truck.

Power 16W 15W 20W
Lumen 750lm 700lm 2000lm
Working temperature -40-85 degrees -40-85 degrees -40-85 degrees
Working voltage DC 10-30V DC 9-32V DC 10-30V
Material Die-cast Aluminum Die-cast Aluminum Die-cast Aluminum
Light color Amber & white White + RGB Pure White
Lifetime 30,000 Hours 30,000 Hours 50,000 Hours
Waterproof rate IP67 IP67 IP67

Replacing Pod Lights to Be As Fog Lights

Here are a few main steps to follow when installing pod lights on your truck.

Step 1. Decide where you want to mount the lights. Cover the area with painters tape and mark the shape which needs to be cut out.

Step 2. Take an angle grinder and cut out the necessary hole.

Step 3. Drill small holes necessary to screw the LED pod lights to the surface. (Some vehicle factory fog lights have enough place to fit in the pod lights, then skip this step)

Step 4. Insert the lights and screw them tightly. Some vehicle types also have the fog light mounts to help the pod lights fit in tightly.

Step 5. Do the wiring, connecting your pod lights to the existing fog lights positive and negative pole.

Other Ways to Install the Pod Lights

pod lights on the rearThere are also some other ways you could use these amazing and not expensive pod lights. Many people install them as the rear backup light. This is a great way to ensure you will have no problems if the reverse light stops working for some reason. Besides, this is a great opportunity to increase visibility when moving backward in

the darkness. Clear vision is something that is important not only for drivers but also pedestrians walking nearby when you maneuver your truck.

Some people are clever enough to use LED pods at home, installing them to cast light on some prominent corners of their house, like fancy columns or an exquisitely carved front door. Others use it as an additional source of lighting in places like a table tennis room. Connected properly to the source of power, they create the bright light necessary to hit the ball the right moment. Other than that, some auto mechanics use pod lights in a garage. With a little imagination, you could probably use them anywhere and get the brightest illumination for the fairest price.

Other areas where pod lights are used

The main areas where LED pods are used are the following:

Additional lighting for off-road vehicles

  • Emergency & Rescue lighting
  • Golf cart lighting
  • Boat and marine lighting

Main lighting for agriculture vehicles:Lighting used for heavy equipment in the mining industry.


As you could see from the information above, LED pod lights are a wonderful alternative to the commonly used LED light bars. Buying them is a good way to save money and, of course, space. We hope that the information above will allow you to pick the best product for your intended purpose of use. If you are interested in lighting and vehicle modifications, please read on and know more.

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