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What is The LED Strip Light? LED Strip Light, thin flexible circuit boards with rows of LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights, resistors, and other... Portable LED Strip Light Review

What is The LED Strip Light?

led strip lightLED Strip Light, thin flexible circuit boards with rows of LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights, resistors, and other components. They come in various configurations, sizes, and colors, hence they vary in brightness. LED lights are lightweight in nature and they are power efficient. In fact, they about 80% more efficient than other types of bulbs. This means that anyone who is using LED lighting system saves a lot of power but gets a similar amount of brightness as other standard bulbs.

The advantage of using LED strip lights is that it produces less heat and it doesn’t contain toxic substances such as mercury. Furthermore, it is long lasting and smaller in size as compared to standard bulbs. RGB LED strip cannot only add more light but also add glamour to your vehicle

What Can LED Strip Light Do?

LED Strip Lights have become popular over the last few decades and they are used in residential, commercial and industrial projects. Lighting designers and engineers have turned to this new lighting technology since an LED strip is flexible and efficient. You can make advanced DIY projects and complex lighting system using LED strips.

LED strips with high luminous efficacy are now replacing fluorescent and halogen lights in vehicles. Other common applications of LED strips include decorative lighting, ultra-violet inspection, growing plants, electronics and more.

About LED Strip Light

The strip is applied with LEDs which emit light. The circuit board has conductors which carry the current. It also has resistors that reduce the amount of power that the lights get.

Types of LED Strip Light

led strip lightThere are various types of vehicle LED strip lights that are available on the market. The White LED strip light and RGB LED Strip are the high-performance strips. It is durable, dust-proof, waterproof and it makes your vehicle look cool.

The 120cm Flow Type LED Strip Tailgate Light is a multifunctional strip light. It has 5 flash modes which include brake, turn signal, running, reversing and hazard light (double flash). It is suitable for various types of vehicles and it is available in a wider range of colors.

The 60 inch Triple LED Tailgate Bar is also a multifunctional strip with Brake Light and Amber Sequential Turn Signal. It has a distinctive beam of light and a rust-free aluminum body. It is also waterproof and resistant to dirt and sand.

The RGB LED strip lights in different size are also very useful. With different color options, you can choose whatever color you prefer and make your truck cooler. Installed the RGB LED strip in some place like the bumper can also be used as the signal light as well.

LED Strip Light Color

rgb led stripLED strip light is unique since it can be made to change colors for that RGB LED strip. You can use an RGB Controller to make an RGB LED strip to produce a wide array of colors across the light spectrum. The controller manipulates the amount of Red, Blue and Green colors in tri-chip LED chips to get other colors. This technique enables lighting designers to make a color changing decoration for accent lighting.

The color of an RGB LED strip is affected by its temperature rating which is known as Correlated Color Temperature (CCT). CCT of an LED strip is measured in degrees Kelvin (K). LEDs which have a Correlated Color Temperature of 3000K produce orange or yellowish colors which are also known as warm white. An increase in the amount of CCT changes the color of the RGB LED strip to white then to natural white and finally to bluish white or cool white.

You can also get LED strips that only emit a single color. Common single color LEDs display Red, Yellow, Green, White, and Blue. The color of LEDs that people select depend on personal taste and preference. Ultra Violet (UV) LED strips are also available for various UV applications.

LED Strip Light Working Wattage

The length of the LED strip and the number of LEDs it contains determine its voltage and wattage.

The working wattage of an LED strip is several times less than that of an incandescent bulb producing the same amount of light. A standard 40-watt bulb can produce approximately 500 lumens of lights. On the other hand, a four feet LED strip can produce more light and it requires less than 12 watts. This is less than a third of that of a standard bulb.

LED strips have different voltage and watt specifications. You should connect the strip to a compatible power supply to get the optimum amount of light and avoid damaging the LEDs.

LED Strip Light Material

led strip lightThe strips have a highly flexible circuit board which can be bent without damaging the lights. This makes it possible to attach the strips on objects with irregular shapes and curves. The material is also waterproof and it doesn’t get damaged by water, dirt or sand. LEDs are usually encased in a plastic material. The plastic can be shaped into a lens to direct the light in a narrow beam. It can also be tinted to change its color. Others are diffusive and they scatter light in all directions.

Where to Install the LED Strip Light

You can improve the appearance of your truck by installing a neat LED strip. The LED strip can be installed underneath the vehicle, bumpers and the rear of the vehicle. You can also decorate the interior of your vehicle using a multicolored LED strip.

How to Install LED Strip Lights On the Truck

Before installing an LED strip, you should consider the color of the LED and its brightness. Clean the area you want to install the LED to remove mud and dirt. If you want to install it under the vehicle you will need a hydraulic jack and other tools to access underneath your truck. Some universal LED strip lights are compatible with many trucks. This guide will enable you to go through LED installation on your truck.

LED Strip Lights Installation Process

rgb led stripStep 1:

Use a tape measure to get the dimensions of your truck. Cut an LED strip that can exactly fit the length of the vehicle. Use a hydraulic jack to access the underside of your truck. Attach the LED strips under your vehicle using zip-ties.

Step 2:

Use the extension wires to connect the LED strip to the module box.

Step 3:

Check the installation manual to connect the positive and negative wires to the battery.

Step 4:

Install the module box next to the battery but ensure that it doesn’t touch the engine. This location is perfect since it will remain dry and it is far away from extreme heat from the engine.

Step 5:

Confirm if the lights work as expected.

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