Different people have different tastes and preferences when it comes to the choice of lighting for their vehicles. Although LED RGB lights are the most widely used type of lighting, some people want more than just lighting. They, therefore, try different lights installations to make their trucks stand out. If you also want to make your vehicle look unique, the following options for car lights installation can be of great help.

Type of Lights

• Console and Dashboard Lights

truck led lights

Although these lights are usually meant for safety during night-time driving, it does not mean you cannot upgrade them. Usually, these lights are dim, dull and unappealing. You can, therefore, upgrade them with the RGB lights to make them more appealing is a good idea. However, the process of re-installation can be tiresome since you will have to remove the console cover to replace the lights. However, since your aim is making your vehicle unique, you can do anything even if it means disassembling the whole truck.

• Cabin Lights

Most of the cars’ cabin lights use simple wedge-shaped lamps. However, to reduce power or electricity demand on the vehicle, LED retrofits lamps are already being used. Nonetheless, you can still upgrade the LED lights to RGB lights to suit your interests. Therefore, whether you need custom full-color lights for tail-gate parties or dimmed lights for long trips, the choice is solely yours.

• Under-Dash Lights

You can also upgrade the drab orange lights that flood the under-dash when you turn on cabin lights or when you open the door to truck LED lights. You can thus mount a small run of RGB lights under the dashboard of your truck. Additionally, you can use a single physical switch to connect all your vehicle’s internal lights or set the RGB lights on a wireless remote control so that you can easily change intensities whenever you want.

• Undercarriage Lights

You may have seen some vehicles with chassis lights and wondered what the essence of these lights was. However, since people like being unique, installing undercarriage lights is a good idea. These lights usually are mounted on sporty vehicles by people who like being flashy. Installation of these truck LED lights is very simple because you will be provided with a custom RGB light kit to guide you through.

Choice of Color in Truck Lighting

RGB lights

The choice of your truck LED lights will significantly affect the appearance of the vehicle. Most RGB lights manufacturing companies have a wide array of color choices apart from the RGB that you can choose from. You should, however, know that personalizing the lighting of your vehicle is your own choice because you have your personal unique likes and preferences.

LED lights manufacturing companies offer several colors of LED strips and tubes for your car. These strips and tubes can fit on the interior, exterior, under the car as well as under the hood. Therefore, the colors that you select will influence the final look of your truck.

RGB lights are among the most sought-after truck LED lights because of their applications. Using your wireless remote control or a phone app, yo

u can play around with the RGB lights to come up with a unique combination of colors that will make the truck appear unique.

What Exactly Does RGB Mean?

Most people use these lights without any idea what they mean. RGB LED Lights merely means Red Blue and Green lights that are usually combined to produce more than 16 million different colors. When using the RGB lights, you can allow the colors to cycle through an unending pattern to change the patterns continuously or select a color combination that you prefer.

Items Make Your Truck Stand Out

The RGB rock lights and RGB whip lights are the perfect choices for your car. These two types of lights can change the appearance of your vehicle making it unique.

1. RGB Rock Lights

These lights are set with a Bluetooth controller and can light up on plain daylight and without shine or relay. They can be installed anywhere due to their lightweight and diamond shape. These RGB lights have PC lens that is hard-coated to protect the light source from rocks, mud, sand, and dust. Also, the die-cast solid aluminum casing protects the lights from damage thus making them very durable. You can use these truck LED lights to make your vehicle eye-catching in the dark.

RGB lights

2. RGB Whip Lights

They have a Bluetooth control feature and a multicolor feature that is perfect to install on your car. They are thus ideal for any truck that needs to be seen at night for beauty and safety. These lights can be visible up to 2M due to their high purity illumination and color. Their optic light pole is made of high-clarity fiber. RGB whip lights cannot crack or break easily due to lack of circuits inside the light pole. Their solid state, weatherproof shock, and vibration resistant features make these lights to be very durable.

RGB rock lights VS RGB whip lights

Lifespan Have
a lifespan of over 50000 hours
a lifespan of about 50000 hours
Material Black
die-cast aluminum profile and UV-treated PC lens
clear plastic pole and aluminum bottom mount
an operating voltage of DC 9V-32V
an operating voltage of DC 12V
Durability Highly
high durability
Light spread/Beam angle Has
a beam angle of 120 degrees
a light spread of 360 degrees

The RGB rock lights and the RGB whip lights are among the best RGB lights that you can install on your vehicle to give it a whole new look that will be unique. These truck LED lights to have a Bluetooth control feature that you can use to switch through the colors to come up with a unique color for your vehicle. Therefore, if you have been wondering what to do to make your truck outstanding, the rock and whip lights can instantly solve your problem.


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