Do you know anything about the LED light bar? If you do not, maybe you are a little bit out of date right now. LED light bars have been really popular in recent years. Among many offroad modification methods, LED becomes a requisite equipment for many offroad enthusiasts, since their high performance of illumination which can help the drivers see the front clearly. Also, some people regard the light bar as a decoration for their offroads because many people prefer to own their personalize offroads. Thus, Auxbeam provides a new series of CREE LED light bars that make the light bar really different from other ordinary light bars from the appearance while their lighting performance would be even better than most of the light bars.

Stage 3 Motorsports Flagstaff Offroad F-150 001

light bar illumination

The light comes with wiring kit and controller, which makes it easy for you to install and operate. Also a single row of led light bar can be applied to many different ways of vehicles, like trucks, Off-road vehicles, 4×4, Military, Mining, Boating, Farming and Heavy Equipment etc. This compact size led light bar in single row can be applied in various ways such as front bumper, behind the grille etc. You can choose to buy 5W per led or 10W. Now Auxbeam has been hitting the shelf for just 20inch but more different size will be on in these days. If you want other size you can ask our sales in the live chat at or you can send an email to or