Lights can be the safe guide for driving at night, and also they can also be the special decoration to make your vehicle unique. The normal light bar would only just give out a fixed light in just warm white or cold white, yet, there are also some special lights that can give multiple color options—RGB lights. There are different kinds of RGB lights including RGB light bars, RGB headlights, RGB interior strip lights, RGB halo ring, RGB pod lights, RGB rock lights, etc on the market.

What Do the RGB Lights Mean?

RGB is a color model which is made up of the mixture of RED, GREEN, and BLUE in different proportions. Through these three colors, it can make up thousands of different colors by the changing and their mutual superposition. The RGB color includes almost all the colors that human vision can perceive and is one of the most widely used color systems.

For RGB lights, there can also be separated into two different kinds—RGB lights and RGBW lights, but also can be called as RGB lights. The difference between them is whether the light adds an extra white LED to illuminate the white light. The mixture of red, green and blue can generate white light by the mixture. However, the mixture cannot be as bright as the white LED itself. Thus, some may prefer the RGBW lights which have the white light as the normal light bar and the RGB for multicolor use.

RGB Lights Function

Make Your Off-Road Cool

For off-road lovers, RGB lights can be some cool kinds of stuff to make your off-road vehicle be the focus. With different color options and controlled by the APP on phone, Auxbeam RGB light bar have different modes that you can custom to make your own color modes. The colors changing can also go with the music flow. And the changing modes in no music can also be set, as well as the brightness. Auxbeam RGB light bar can better fit for your off-road than other off road led light bars.

Increase Practicality

Ordinary factory lights, or even auxiliary light bars in just white light, cannot be very versatile as there are many different conditions in road driving. As in foggy or rainy days, it is hard to see through the fog or the heavy rain in white light as white light cannot penetrate them. However, amber light can do this. Thus, with the amber headlights or amber light bars may be better. But if you only choose the amber headlight or light bar, it will also hard to see in normal days. Therefore, RGB lights can be a better option. Also, if there is an emergency incident happen, turning on the RGB lights to seek help in some bright colors would be easier to be seen by others.

RGB light strips

RGB lights are really good decorations and useful light signals to add to any vehicles. Auxbeam can offer you different RGB products to help you choose the best lights for you. And also, if you need other RGB products that Auxbeam do not has now, please contact us to give us the suggestion. We will value any of your suggestions.