Car Lights

1157 led light bulbsThe advantage of using LED light bulbs is that they are long-lasting hence they reduce the cost of maintenance of the vehicle. They also produce better illumination while consuming less power. LED light bulbs are standard in size and are easy to install in any vehicle. If you have the right tools, you can do it yourself. Auxbeam side marker lights have brake lights, LED tail light and LED turn signal light. These lights are also easy to install provided you know how to connect it correctly. Here we will provide the way to install the LED brake lights.

Step1: Open the cover of your vehicle truck.

Step2: Catch the hold of the bulb holder, and unscrew the stock bulbs anticlockwise.

Step3: Put the LED light bulb in position.

Step4: Check the Brake Lights. Since you do not know the correct positive and negative pole position, you need to check whether the brake light can work normally. If the brake lights cannot turn on, please reverse them and install again.

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