harley led headlightThis headlight is exquisite since it is fancy when off and even more attractive when turned on. It has an integrated optic system including Euro-inspired 4D projector lens with the D-shape lens.  The low beam provides a wide pool of general lighting and remains illuminated all the time. The high beam pattern-add focused light from the lower section to add punch down the middle of the road. These Harley LED headlights make it even more elegant and have a feature which lacks in other headlights. Also, the Harley led headlights are made in the solid-state component which can withstand driving vibration & shock with ease.

Harley Daymaker Projector LED Headlights

They are also known as “cut through the night Harley-Davidson Daymaker” because of their brighter and whiter color. They also provide a unique light pattern compared to other standard incandescent lamps. It gives a natural daylight color impression to the user compared to the yellow light of a traditional halogen bulb.

7” Motorcycle Daymaker Headlight Housing Chrome for Harley

It is with no doubt that the Harley LED headlights are the best for use due to their brightness, low power consumption, appearance as well as their durability. This Harley led headlights housing can fit most Harley Davidson with 7” diameter headlights It greatly enhances and upgrades your vehicle’s appearance Harley accessories are the best for both personal and commercial use. I would advise a buyer to go for these Harley accessories for their durability and efficiency.

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