The history of car headlights development is quite interesting. In the United States of America, car makers were obliged to produce only sealed beam headlights for 42 years. That is from the year 1941 until 1984. The painful part of it was that these headlamps had only four styles in which they should exist. Anything outside of that was regarded as illegal.

Nevertheless, these simple headlights needed not much expertise in replacing them. They were cheap to buy and they were available in almost every auto shop you would visit at that time. After the liberalization of such tough legislation, the auto industry later became free to design car headlights of any style they would prefer. These helped them to compete on the market. That is why you see today, many types of car headlights are available for purchase on the market. Let us find out more about those different types of headlights you can find available on the market today.

Sealed Beam Headlights

sealed beam headlights comparisonDespite being overshadowed by many latest car headlights’ styles, the sealed beam headlights have remained dominant in the market. The old type of sealed beam headlights may not be so practical and durable, as they were designed to use halogen bulbs. Nowadays, the sealed beam headlights are upgraded with the LED bulbs and designed with the projector lens. Also, some sealed beam has not only the hi-lo beam function but also the daytime running light—DRL function. Nevertheless, the composite headlights may be convenient as they can only replace the bulbs inside. Yet the waterproof function may be not that good compare to the sealed beam headlights. The fascinating features of the sealed beam headlights have not disappointed both car makers and users.

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