Most people prefer the SUV to any other type of vehicle given the ability to sit more people and hail more items. However, when you are traveling with your family or a couple of buddies on a road trip, you will hardly have enough space in the SUV and this is where the roof rack comes in handy, among other SUV accessories.

A roof rack is one of the most essential SUV accessories in the market today and at Auxbeam, we have various types of SUV accessories and roof racks that will fit your needs and specifications. In this post, we provide insight on the various types of roof racks we have in stock and give you failsafe tips on how to choose the best roof rack for your SUV.

Types of SUV Roof Racks

SUV accessories Got for Full Metal Racks

Remember we had discussed the weight of the rack; some manufacturers are bent on reducing the weight of the racks that they incorporate plastic features. This makes the racks more susceptible to failure since plastic is brittle, fades in the sun, has a lower load rating, and they can break at any time.

Other companies will use cheap materials in order to churn out low-cost roof racks, but it will be at your expense. They will surely break and you will have to pay more for the rack than if you had gone for the more expensive all metal racks.

Company Customer Support

There are more SUVs on our roads today than there was and this burgeoning number of SUVs have opened a window for more roof rack and SUV accessories manufacturers. However, the trouble is that as more companies produce racks the more they cut corners and produce inferior products.

We recommend that you go for companies that have been in the market for a long time. This shows that they are time tested and will accord you the necessary customer support especially during the installation and repair when you are out at a remote location.

Borrow A Leaf from The Pros

There are several adventurer pros that use roof racks to haul the equipment they will need to remote places around the globe. You could learn a thing or two from such people on what to look for in a roof rack and other SUV accessories. They will most likely have a section in their website or on their YouTube videos detailing the best roof racks to haul gear they need for their daily life. You will take out the guesswork out of choosing the best roof rack and SUV accessories.


We hope that the information above will help you narrow down your options to the best SUV roof rack in the market. However, you can contact us and let us help you in choosing the best rack and SUV accessories. All you need to do is give us the make of your SUV and what you expect to haul, and our customer will suggest the best SUV accessories. We have a wide selection of factory and universal roof racks and accessories for your SUV. Contact us today!