An illuminated house will always be happy. Inside your house, it is normal, illuminate it so you can perform your daily activities. Sometimes you forget to illuminate the outside. Today, outdoor lights stand as the most important projector element to enjoy your outdoor space at night. In modern life, the outer space has an increasing importance, which enhances the meaning of outdoor lights. More and more the patio, balcony or garden is used to relax, make a barbecue or a party. To achieve this, adequate lighting through the use of modern outdoor lighting is required.

Outdoor Lighting Function

Modern Outdoor LightingNight comes, and on the outside, the darkness begins to dominate to the point of eliminating all your desires to go out for a night walk in your garden or enjoy a beautiful view while you have a cup of coffee on your terrace. This is a fairly recurrent situation when you do not have enough outdoor lights in this area of the house, so, it is important that you pay attention to the aspect of outdoor lighting, and you will also be surprised that you do not need to resort to large floor lamps that consume an impressive amount of electricity, all you have to do is to identify well the place where you want to irradiate. To this end, it also tends to illuminate your environment while reducing the amount of your daily energy consumption.

To illuminate an outdoor space, we need to take into account that the lamp we choose has to turn the area into a pleasant area, in which to carry out activities of daily life, as well as making it safe and aesthetically harmonious with the rest of the home and of the environment.

Modern Outdoor Lighting Function

The modern outdoor lighting is an important decorative element which provides guidance, security, and protection. In addition to the lighting for balconies, gardens, and patios, the lighting around the entrance of the house is very important. It is not only a presentation card for your home but also an important area in itself. Proper modern outdoor lighting provides a safe entrance at night and helps identify unwanted visitors.

On the other hand, they say that the first impression is what counts. For that reason, the facade of the house is the presentation it receives from those who visit it. If you do it at night, there is nothing better than making use of the modern outdoor lighting which brings its full potential to decorate and enrich the construction.

Where to place the Modern Outdoor Lighting

The modern outdoor lighting can be located in different strategic points that will highlight the details that are most important to highlight. These outdoor lights further give prominence to the doors which will be of great help at night.

Another sector of housing that cannot be left aside when we talk about modern outdoor lighting with presence is where the car is parked. In this area, good outdoor lights are essential to maneuver the entry or exit of the vehicle without problems.

In addition, for a safety issue, it is always beneficial not to leave that space in the dark or unattended. The galleries or porches that form under the roofs of tiles and wood are usually splendid spaces to enjoy the exterior, but also require good modern outdoor lighting to make the most of it.

Solar Outdoor Lighting

Recent innovations have paved the way for the rebirth of modern outdoor lighting through solar energy.

Solar lights are sources of high light outdoors, which are powered by photovoltaic panels usually mounted on the lighting structure or connected to the pole. The photovoltaic panels have a rechargeable battery, which provides power to the fluorescent lamp or LED lamp throughout the night. Most solar panels automatically detect outside light through a photocell. These can emit light for several nights, even when the sun’s energy is not available for a couple of days. Nowadays, many users are switching to the use of solar outdoor lights due to some reasons.

What are the best Solar Outdoor Lights

There are many solar lighting, but how to choose the best solar outdoor lights?

  • Low energy costs:Modern Outdoor Light

Best Solar Outdoor Lighting is independent of the electricity network, which results in a reduction in energy costs. This means that they are modern outdoor lighting that is not connected to your electricity supplier. The lights are dependent on the thermal energy given by the sun, storing as much of it as possible during the day.

  • Minimal maintenance

These products are made up of a minimal number of moving parts which implies that the possibility of its parts being damaged is minimal. They are also made to withstand outdoor conditions and do not require too much maintenance.

  • There are no emissions

One among the major merits of the best solar lights is in relation to the environment, as it does not induce environmental degradation.

  • No possibility of electrocution or burns

The possibility of electrocution is not present with the best solar lights. The modern outdoor lighting bulbs are also cold to feel, which makes it safe for everyone in the home.

  • Easy operation

The best Solar outdoor lights are easy to use and perfectly autonomous. It also takes advantage of LED technology which is well known for its lighting quality and low consumption. Finally, the batteries are more and more powerful to ensure the autonomy of several hours.

Best Solar Outdoor Lights Guide

Two kinds of outdoor lighting which stand out as the best Solar Outdoor Lights and are highly recommended due to their major merits include:



Power: 0.5w, USB output of 5V, and current of 200MA.

Size: 110 x 110 x 117mm.

Battery: 3.7v 1000mah.

Material: TPU + acrylic board.

Major features:

6 hours of sunlight charging gives out 8 hours of bright light.

The solar airbag lamp contains a single section 1W LED, and three modes are bright: Highlight 90LM which gives over 5 hours of light; The bright light is over 55LM and gives over 7 hours of light; Flicker is 55LM, bright lights up to 12 hours.

The product has overpressure, overcharge and over-discharge protection device, so there is no possibility of damages to the battery.

Light brightness reaches 55-90lm, and the brightness visibility usually reaches 5 square meters.

The 5V USB output port has the ability to recharge your phone within 2 to 4 hours, depending on your phone type.


best solar outdoor lightsSpecifications:

Output Color: warm white

Length: 10m/ 32.8ft

LED Quantity: 100pcs

LED Type: SMD-0603

Solar Panel Voltage: 2A

Solar Panel Current: 300ma

NI-MH Battery Voltage: 1.2V

NI-MH Battery Current: 600ma

Light Mode: Steady/Flash

Charging Time: Within 6-8 hours

Working Time: Within 10-15 hours


This product is strictly powered by solar charges, as no wires are needed.

Waterproof and safe for both indoor and outdoor usage. (Do note that the light is water resistant, but the solar panels are not).

Energy saving, as the Outdoor Lights, can work for up to 10 hours after a full charge.

Dual lighting mode: steady on or flash.

The sensor is activated automatically after each charge.

In conclusion, solar outdoor lights are the most ecological and sustainable way to illuminate a space. These are lamps and luminaries that accumulate the sun’s rays during the day to illuminate at night. That is precisely what solar lighting consists of; transforming the radiation of the sun into electricity through panels of photovoltaic cells. It is a clean, completely renewable energy that leaves no waste or depletes the planet’s natural resources as highlighted above and for more help as regards modern outdoor lighting, Auxbeam is at your service.

Auxbeam stands as one among the supplies and manufacturers of modern outdoor lighting and other accessories. It also focuses majorly on providing fine and affordable products for maximum customer satisfaction.

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