Are you finding it difficult to drive at night? Is your headlight bulbs burning out too fast? Choosing the perfect LED headlight bulbs for your car may appear simple but you have to make up your mind on what is important to you before purchasing one. Here is what to look out for when choosing LED headlight bulbs and why Audi headlights are the perfect choice for you.

The Audi Headlights

Auxbeam W series are specially designed by Auxbeam, which the socket base look like the wolf paw. The W series LED headlight bulbs ensures the perfect beam mode, no any dark spot or scattered beam at all. Combing organosilicon lens of high precision adjustment and shaped with CREE LED to provide LED headlight bulbs with clear beam mode needed by vehicles. Different from A2 series, W series has the cooling fan to dissipate heat.


The Audi headlights technology is simply a progressive step in the refining vehicle lighting system. It employs LED headlights which have greatly improved safety. Its dependability is every driver’s wish and it affords prospective buyers a wide range of styles to choose from. Audi is continuously setting a benchmark in innovative designs and technology, for example, The innovative headlights in the Auxbeam A2 series and Auxbeam W series are pretty much cool and affordable. So, when considering which product to change to, you may want to try out these two. More blogs about LED lighting and modified accessories, please check below.