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4” 18W LED work light

Dual A-pillar light mounts kit

The installation instruction is for 07-15 Jeep Wrangler JK

4” 18W LED work light

The 4” 18W LED work light rated at 1800 lumens and a color temperature of 6000K. So what does most of that mean: lumens is the amount of visible light it gives off, a color temperature of 6000K means the light will be viewed as mostly white, as you go over the 6000 mark the light starts to turn blue.

The housing is made of high quality 6063 aluminum, which guarantee it to be durable to withstand any harsh condition and has better function of waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and anti-corrosion. The suitable vertical fins is designed for better cooling, and the back housing and front cover can be separated, easily to dismantle and replace.

Based on the specs of the lights, it appears it has longer valid irradiation distance than normal halogen bulb and should help us see better on the trail when the sun goes down.

Dual A-pillar light mounts kit

Every off-roader knows to pack along three critical supplies before b-lining it to the bush: extra fuel, tow straps and auxiliary lights. Gas cans and recovery gear are easy enough to stow in the back of your rig, but finding a stable spot to install aftermarket lights used to be a pain. With the Auxbeam A-pillar light mount kit, it’s easy to park your high-powered work lights at the base of your windshield.

You won’t need to make any modifications to fit an Auxbeam A-pillar mount kit on your rock crawler. Unlike universal light brackets, the Auxbeam A-pillar system is completely custom designed for your ride. It bolts in place fast and looks like it came installed at the factory. Better still, they give you full vertical and horizontal adjustability, so you can aim your lights just how you like them.

The installation:

  1. Removing the lower mounts of the Jeep Wrangler with T40 Torx, the upper mounts with T30 Torx.
  2. Wire the 4” LED light bar with wiring harness kit.
  3. Install the A-pillar light mount kit on the lower windshield and tighten two LED work light with the screws included.


The video of installation

We think that for only being 4” LED work light, these things put out a lot of light. Time will tell how well it holds up, but for right now we are very impressed with the unit. If you debating about adding some lights to your Jeep or are looking for a gift idea for the special Jeep owner you know, this one is worth your consideration.