warning lightsIn many places, the green light is considered a courtesy light, which means that the vehicle is requesting access when exercising emergency vehicle lights, rather than requiring access. In some states, volunteer firefighters are allowed to use green light instead of traditional red and white lights used by fire departments across the United States. When a volunteer firefighter uses a green light on his personal vehicle, the state’s law treats the device as a courtesy light. Since the unit is not considered as an emergency light, the state’s laws may not apply to this situation.

The amber warning light is the least restrictive warning light color in the United States. It means that most states allow yellow warning lights for various vehicles. However, state law still stipulates when this type of lighting can be used. For example, in Ohio, a construction vehicle or utility company vehicle can use an amber light while parked on the side of the road. Yet they cannot use a warning light while the vehicle is driving.

Purple warning lights are very rare on roads nowadays. Some emergency vehicle light retailers don’t even sell this type of equipment because it is not popular. States that allowed using purple in vehicles are usually restricted to use the purple emergency lights by funeral procession vehicles.

Compare In Chart

Color Usage
Red Indicative of emergency vehicles (including the fire truck, ambulance, etc)
Amber/Yellow In connection with construction and maintenance vehicles or tow trucks that drive at a slow speed than the main flow of traffic.
White A color option for emergency light bars (only permitted on emergency vehicles)
Green A volunteer firefighter in some states & Homeland Security
Purple Only permitted for use by funeral vehicles in most states
Blue Primarily designated for police, EMTs, and firefighters

Combine your needs for emergency lights with the local laws in your states when selecting the emergency warning lights. There are so many choices in the markets. You can easily modify an emergency vehicle with the optimal lighting configuration abide by the local jurisdiction. If you want to know other modified lighting and parts, please read on and we have different blogs. Maybe you can find one to upgrade your vehicle and make it perform better.