Having a flash with you is very important especially during emergencies such as power outages, or during road trips, working on your vehicle or appliance. As much as having a flashlight goes LED flashlight is considered the best as they are the ones with the brightest flashlight. Having a flashlight will safe on your smartphone battery for communication purposes. If you like exploring night hours or engage in outdoor activities then having a flashlight is key. It will not only help you maneuver around when riding but also keep a safe surrounding.

Uses of LED Flashlight

portable led flashlightA flashlight should never be forgotten or overlooked as they will always come in handy with there variety of uses as highlighted below:

Avoid Danger in the Dark

When having your night nature walk the brightest flashlight is very essential as it illuminates the way preventing you from stomping on a rock, snakes, and thorns lying around in the dark. Helps you feel safer. 

Avoid attack

LED flashlight on its own are a form of self defense. With the bright light, you’re able to identify any threats using darkness as cover. In the event of being attacked by an animal or a person, shining the lights into the eyes of the attacker would momentarily dazzle them giving you a chance to dodge the situation. If it comes down to it the flashlight can be improvised as a weapon.

Signal for Assistance

When something goes wrong during hiking or climbing expeditions having a brightest flashlight would help signal others to come to your rescue. In the event that your house is on fire having a LED flashlight may help the emergency team locate you through the thick smoke. Always keep your flashlight by your side for emergencies.

Features To Consider When Choosing an LED Flashlight

When it comes to choosing the best LED flashlight, the following key features you need to have in Mind.

led flashlightThis includes strobe, beacon, and SOS. These functions are used for defense purposes or emergencies even some employ them as disco lights. If you happen to have a broken-down car on the road at night these modes will always come in handy.

-Strobe: It is a quick and enormously bright light always blinking in a changing pattern with the sole purpose of confusing people. Suitable for police officers.

-SOS: suitable for any person stuck out and in need of help.

-Beacon: This one blinks at full brightness after every few seconds. It’s also suitable for survival purposes.

Compare in chart

Below is a table of some of the brightest flashlights and how they compare.










XM-L T6 LED Zoomable Flashlight

15000 lumens (zoom out)  

impervious to shock related damages


rechargeable lithium batteries. that offers up to 50000 hours



5 Modes: high/middle/low/strobe/sos


C6 Portable LED Flashlight

Output bright can come to 500 lumens (MAX) IPX5 uses rechargeable lithium batteries


Neck Shift Lighting: Strong light – Weak light – Flash – Long press SOS
M6 Ultra-bright LED Flashlight


Up to 2000 lumens, with an adjustable beam


IPX5 waterproof, shockproof and indestructible uses 2 rechargeable lithium batteries that last for the considerably longer amount of times. Neck Gear Dimming: Highlights 2000LM- light 800LM- low light 80LM- flash 8 Hz–SOS
V3 LED Flashlight Has a maximum light output up to 650 Lumens



shock resistant and waterproof

rechargeable lithium battery  

Has 5 different settings to control the beam and brightness (Weak – Low – Medium – Strong – Long Press Flash)


From the discussion, it can be established that an LED flashlight is key to having around due to its importance and endless uses from the situation like self-defense to fun activities like camping. Also, you can make an informed choice on the type of the brightest flashlight you want depending on its intended purpose. If you are interested in other lighting or modified parts, please read on to know more.