pod lights on the rearThere are also some other ways you could use these amazing and not expensive pod lights. Many people install them as the rear backup light. This is a great way to ensure you will have no problems if the reverse light stops working for some reason. Besides, this is a great opportunity to increase visibility when moving backward in

the darkness. Clear vision is something that is important not only for drivers but also pedestrians walking nearby when you maneuver your truck.

Some people are clever enough to use LED pods at home, installing them to cast light on some prominent corners of their house, like fancy columns or an exquisitely carved front door. Others use it as an additional source of lighting in places like a table tennis room. Connected properly to the source of power, they create the bright light necessary to hit the ball the right moment. Other than that, some auto mechanics use pod lights in a garage. With a little imagination, you could probably use them anywhere and get the brightest illumination for the fairest price.

Other areas where pod lights are used

The main areas where LED pods are used are the following:

Additional lighting for off-road vehicles

  • Emergency & Rescue lighting
  • Golf cart lighting
  • Boat and marine lighting

Main lighting for agriculture vehicles:Lighting used for heavy equipment in the mining industry.


As you could see from the information above, LED pod lights are a wonderful alternative to the commonly used LED light bars. Buying them is a good way to save money and, of course, space. We hope that the information above will allow you to pick the best product for your intended purpose of use. If you are interested in lighting and vehicle modifications, please read on and know more.