The major cause of motor vehicle accidents is poor visibility. Roads with poor lighting conditions or the absence of it are a cause of concern for drivers, especially the professional drivers, who regularly drive their vehicles in all weather conditions and often at night. The fall season makes it even worse with fog and snow decreasing the visual range further. Vehicle running on highways are much affected by insufficient lighting. Adding extra LED lights seems important for every vehicle. There are many different types of led lights that can be added on vehicles, like LED light bar, led headlight bulbs, led replacement fog lights.

Origin of LED Lights

single row led light barAuxbeam recently has released the new single row LED light bar type—Ultra-Thin Series, which is the ultra-thin variant and can fit in a small space. There are mainly three sizes in this series—11inch, 21 inch and 31inch. Designed in spot beam with the convex lens, this single row LED light bar can give out a high bright light in longer irradiation distance while consuming less power. The lens is made of toughened glass to give ruggedness and durability. Their lifetime is 30,000 hours and above.

The Ultra-Thin Series uses vertical fin design for better heat dissipation. These are IP67 rated to protect against dust and water. The aluminum housing is corrosion resistant. Operated on a wide range of voltages from 9V to 32V, the working temperature ranges between -40 to 80 degrees Celsius. These new single row LED light bars come with mounting and a set of screws. They are easy to fix and give trouble-free service.


LED lights are very useful for vehicle driving. While choosing the LED light bars, you can first think of the light bar rows before purchasing. Auxbeam Ultra-Thin series would be an option for you. If you are interested in LED lights and vehicle modifications, please read on to know more.