Auxiliary lights are becoming a fairly common sight on the roads. These lights do not work as the replacement of headlights for cars but used as a secondary set of lights. Auxiliary lights, when used in tandem with the headlights, help the driver see clearer during trying conditions such as bad weather, or poorly lit roads. Although the auxiliary light is an important element, it may be of very little use if the switch panel is not properly decided upon.

What Is The Switch Panel?

rocker switch panelAuxbeam 6 Gang Rocker Switch is a product specially designed for those who like a little flare in the little details they pay attention to. This switch panel has a beautiful neon blue backlight and the functions are given cool design. This switch panel also comes with a cigarette lighter, two USB powering slots, and a voltmeter which determines how much power is currently being used. This switch panel also offers a universal car voltage of 12V-24V, that is, 20A for 12 V, and 10A for 24V, making it an ideal accessory. The switches give a very high-quality feel because of the material, which also feels sturdy. The entire switch panel is also designed with environment-friendly, anti-retardant materials. It is further waterproof to protect from rain or any sort of spills.

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