For many modified lovers, they will do modifications to adding light bars, upgrading or headlight into LEDs. All the modification focus will just put on the front part of the vehicles, yet, the rear part is always ignored. In fact, there is also an important part of the rear need to be upgraded—the Tail Light. The tail light or tail light assembly includes different signal lights like turn signal light, brake light, fog light, backup light, parking light. It is said that not all tail lights are considered as tail lights but all brake lights are considered as tail lights. Like a tongue twister but do not understand the meaning. Keep reading on.

What is Tail Light?

Jeep LED tail lightsJeep LED Tail Lights

If you have a JEEP and the tail light is broken. That might be easier. And now there are many Jeep LED tail lights in different special design. As the Jeep tail lights design is a rectangle, the tail lights are easy to replace.

  1. Remove the screws and unplug the factory tail light
  2. Reinstall the new LED tail lights
  3. Plug them on and the new JEEP LED tail lights are completed.

Tail light is really important for any vehicles just like the headlights. Thus, when you want to upgrade the headlights, please check your tail lights as well. Hope everyone can drive in a safe way.