When I first heard of side marker lights I wondered, just how many lights do I need for one car? I had previously replaced the bumper lights which my mechanic jokingly told me they don’t exist. He argued you can have many kinds of lights on the bumper. Some cars have their parking lights on the front bumper; others have both the parking lights and fog lights. Still, others have their side marker lights fixed on the front bumper. So, which one of these are bumper lights?

Are Side Marker Lights Similar to Bumper Lights? 

Auxbeam side marker lightsFrom our table above, it’s evident that LED Marker Lights are superior to standard Side Marker Lights in regards to performance. At Auxbeam, we understand the frustrations that come with dysfunctional marker lights. We don’t want you to have to pull over the truck in the middle of your journey and start fixing lights eventually delaying your arrival.

Auxbeam has now introduced new LED Side Marker Lights. We have heard our customers’ expectations and brought them LED Marker Lights that will exceed their expectation in every area. Additionally, Auxbeam team understands the federal regulations and expected performance standards, we take care of all the details, color specifications, positioning testing, and labeling.

If you need to install new ones or repair, reach out to us. We will guide you on the best installation procedures, best design for your automobile and advice on how to best maintain the LED Marker Lights. If you want to know more about the LED lights and other modified parts, please read on.