Do you know what that horizontal bar fixed across the front or back of your Jeep is called? Have you wondered why a nice Jeep you fancied in a magazine had its front or back side armored with bar-like Jeep accessories? It’s a bumper! It can be seen in your jeep wrangler as necessary jeep accessories. When it’s strapped across the front of your Jeep it’s called a front bumper and when it’s behind it’s referred to as the back or rear bumper. Let’s see why these Jeep accessories are important, types of front bumpers and how you can spot their differences.  We will also show you how to install the front bumper on your wrangler jeep.

Why a Front Bumper?

jeep accessoriesConclusion

Sounds easy? We offer a variety of front bumpers as your jeep accessories at very competitive prices depending on your needs. You can get among others a high strength front bumper for your 2007-2017 jeep wranglers and front bumper with winch plate and LED light for Jeep TJ/YJ. Auxbeam bumpers are made of durable materials which can protect the front part of your jeep wrangler.  Visit us at  Subscribe to our email newsletter to get exclusive offers as well as a 10% off coupon for site-wide products. More blogs about LED lighting and modified accessories, please check below.