Driving LED light bar is wildly used in enhancing visibility in the dark. LED off road lights have a quality light beam that clearly illuminates the road for longer distances than normal headlight bulbs. Additionally, they have enabled night transportation in all varieties of vehicles; from cars to trucks, off-road vehicles among others. Some people love to add LED light bar on their vehicle mainly because of the brightness. However, what factors that influence the brightness, let’s check below.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an LED Light Bar

side shooter led light barThis is a new product by Auxbeam bearing new and extra features which give it the power to serve the driver with quality light.

Side shooter light bar means the side of the light bar can also illuminate the light. There are different kinds of side shooter light bars. Some have side shooter on each side, others only have one side.

Auxbeam side shooter provides 8pcs high power LEDs on each side to give out bright light. This design aims to give a much broader beam on one side for the 4 inch and each side for the 32 inch, about 180 degree horizontal beam. Designed in a triple row, the 32 inch side shooter light bar has 2 huge heat sinks on each side as the flood beam. The light bar can give out wider and longer illumination distance with intensive brightness.

Why Choose This Type of Light Bars?

  • It applies to distinct types of automobiles including lorries, military, Jeep lamp, heavy equipment, Off-road vehicles among others.
  • Has a Waterproof housing that protects LEDs from harsh weather condition. The Diecast aluminum housing is anti-corrosive therefore increasing the durability.
  • Has a long irradiation range than normal reflectors which uses a halogen bulb.
  • It has great performance with high energy efficiency and stability.


From above reviews, it is clear that projector LED light bars are superior as compared to reflector light bars. This is due to their ability to handle an HID bulb, their appearance, among other distinctive features. In case you’re experiencing unpleasant lighting issues with your vehicle, now is the ideal time to equip it with this design of light bars which costs a little and say goodbye to the lighting problems. If you are interested in LED off road lights modifications, please read on to know more.